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Dynasty Roster Renovation: Time to Make some Moves (2021 Fantasy Football)

Oct 19, 2021
Parris Campbell

As I’ve said before, being in the middle is far from ideal in dynasty fantasy football. I’ve already discussed how it’s time to decide where you’re going this year and either push your chips in and make a run for the title or retreat and live to fight next year. This particular article will review what to do based on which of those two options you’re going for. If you’re still in the middle, see what you can do with the info here to help pick a direction.

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If you’re Contending

Time to Consolidate Your Assets

In leagues where I’m 4-2 or better, this is the week to start trying to consolidate my assets. What I mean by this is that I’m trying to make a package trade where I send two players for a single better one. Championship teams often comprise the best assets in the game, so the more of them on your roster, the better your chances.

On top of that, as I move closer to the title, I like to stock up on RB and QB, even in 1QB leagues. These positions are the most important to win a single week and can be helpful as the season drags along. Having a weakness at RB or QB can derail your entire title run in Week 13, so it’s best to stock up early and often.

These upcoming bye weeks can be brutal, but some managers may be focusing too much on the short term and miss the long view. So now might be a good time to strike while you’re ahead and gain an advantage for down the stretch. Again, the idea is to add depth on the cheap but also add top talent when possible.

I’d try targeting players like Josh Allen (QB – BUF)  or Justin Herbert (QB – LAC)  if you need a boost at QB. These players are on a bye and might be available this week at a lower price than any other time this season. So it’s at least worth checking on their price.

Target the Bottom Teams’ Best Players

Look at the standings and see who is coming in dead last. What teams are 0-6 or 1-5 that could use some young talent from your roster in exchange for an aging player they don’t need.

Players to target could be Latavius Murray (RB – BAL)  or Emmanuel Sanders (WR – BUF) , who aren’t likely to be part of someone’s rebuilding plans but who could have dominant stretches this year. See if you can send a young underperforming player from your team in a smaller one-for-one type of deal to help you make your title run.

Try to Send Future Picks for Players

Lastly, if I’m contending, I love sending my 1st for a player and a 2nd. Often, the other manager will see the one and not pay that much attention to it’s likely a late one if you can get a good contending piece, as I mentioned above, to go with an early second. That’s a trade I make all day.

This isn’t to say that you need to move your picks this week or at all. It’s just that moving your picks could be a good idea as you start to work through injuries and byes of your own, so don’t be afraid to send them in the right deal. In addition, rebuilding teams are often looking for picks and might be willing to pay a premium, which could help you get an even better player in the deal.

If You’re Rebuilding

Time to Break Up Your Studs

On teams where I’m essentially out of contention, I like to try to send away my best players for multiple players on the rise. This definition can vary and is meant to be vague on purpose. Look at who on your roster is on their final year of a contract or at or above the age cliff at their position. These are prime guys to send to contenders for their picks or younger players.

On the flip side of what I mentioned above, see if you can acquire younger talent at WR or TE instead of RB or QB. These positions can sometimes take longer to develop, meaning younger players might not be performing yet. The current manager might want out because they do not see the production they expected.

Players like this would be Parris Campbell (WR – IND)  or Bryan Edwards (WR – LVR) . These are both players with good pedigrees who are just starting to become studs in their own right. Another year or two, and they might be every week starters. So think about who you like in this way and target them on contending rosters where possible.

Look for Players on the Decline

When looking at your roster, try to pick out a player or two who you think might be on the brink of a value collapse. These are players you should trade immediately, hopefully for youth or picks if the value is right. Guys like Odell Beckham (WR – CLE)  or Allen Robinson (WR – CHI)  come to mind. You might not get what you think is their actual value, but better to get something rather than nothing.

The counterpoint here could be something to target as well. Stay with me. You could try to target players on the decline as a rebuilding team, with the mindset that you can profit from it if/when they turn it around. Using Robinson as an example, if you think this current rough patch is coming to an end and his value may go up, now might be a good time to buy low on him. Each league is unique, but think outside the box and see what you can come up with.

Add Future Picks Whenever Possible

Lastly, if you’re rebuilding, see if you can get a future pick thrown into any trade you do. Someone sends you an offer? Add their 2022 2nd and send it back. See what they say. If that’s too rich, then try their 3rd. The idea is to get as many assets in the next draft as possible.

Don’t hear what I’m not saying. The goal here isn’t necessarily to use all of the picks you acquire but to have them in case you need them at the draft. For example, you might want to move from 1.09 to 1.04, and adding a 2nd would get the deal done. Having an extra one gives you more flexibility, and contending managers might not care about their picks at all right now-just some ideas to help you get better in the long run.

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