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Running Diary: Week 6 (2021 Fantasy Football)

Oct 18, 2021
Kyler Murray

(The Fantasy Football Running Diary is an ongoing series by Tim Metzler, in which Tim records and shares what is happening in the NFL every Sunday. It may also include updates on his personal life.)

Paying attention to everything that’s happening in the NFL is a challenge. You’re busy. Don’t sweat it. You keep doing you, and let me do the work for you. This Running Diary will recap as many events as I can keep track of on Sunday, October 17th.

I recently had a birthday, and my wife got me tickets to the greatest matchup on earth: The Bears versus The Packers. Seriously, I dare you to find me a better rivalry, or a better gift for that matter. There is none. Anyway, the early part of my day was spent with her, enjoying that magnificence. However, for your Running Diary pleasure, my dad kept copious notes throughout the early slate of games. So, I owe him many thanks for helping to make today’s Running Diary possible. So, without further ado, let’s go!

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12:05 PM (CST) – Today, the Jaguars and Dolphins played in London, which means a very select group of people got up early to watch every snap of that game. Those people are called “Fantasy Football Managers” because fantasy football is the only reason anyone should watch either the Dolphins or the Jaguars. Honestly, this game was more like watching a dumpster firefight another dumpster fire. Anyway, around the start of the noon games, this game ended with Trevor Lawrence (QB – JAX) getting his first NFL win.

12:14 – Did you pick up Darrel Williams (RB – KC) yet? What are you waiting for?! Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB – KC) is out for multiple weeks. CEH feels like a descending player even when he returns, while Williams feels like the rightful starter. Anyway, the Chiefs run in a 1 yard TD to start the scoring today.

12:16Joe Burrow (QB – CIN) is good. His injury last year feels like it’s affecting him less and less with each passing week. He just chucked a 24 yard TD to Chris Evans (RB – CIN). No, not the actor who plays Captain America, but I’m glad you asked.

12:29 – Latavious Murray has a nice TD run for 14 yards. Will Le’Veon Bell (RB – BAL) make an appearance today?

12:31 – WOWZA! Parris Campbell (WR – IND) catches a 51-yard bomb from Carson Wentz (QB – IND). You know Parris Campbell. He’s the guy who always seems like he’s going to have a great season, but then he gets injured. You know. And you also know Carson Wentz. He’s the guy who might get hurt if a butterfly lands on him too hard. You know.

12:38 – My father texted me, amidst recording the events of all the games, the following message: “Bears D is dominating.” When I received that message, I was slamming a polish sausage and screaming at a guy wearing a Raiders jersey to the Bears vs. Packers game. Ridiculous. However, my dad is correct. The Bears’ defense is legit fantastic.

12:51 – TD TIME FOR WHOM THE Le’Veon Bell TOLLS! The man is back… well, he’s got one run so far for the day. He’s not the top back on the roster, but you have to celebrate the little things.

12:53Chris Herndon (TE – MIN) scores for the Vikings! Good on you, Chris. You finally escaped the clutches of the Jets, and you’re making the most of it. You love to see it.

12:55Robert Woods (WR – LAR) scores for the relentless Rams, who are disemboweling the Giants. I want Saquon Barkley (RB – NYG) to stay injured, so he doesn’t have to get needlessly injured again by this franchise’s gross negligence.

1:00 – The Packers tie the game up at 7-7. A short pass to Allen Lazard (WR – GB). The Bears scored earlier on a Khalil Herbert (RB – CHI) run. Who is Khalil Herbert? He’s a rookie running back for the Bears. He’s the third-string guy player, but injuries have thrust him into the fold. He looks good. I hope he gets more opportunities once David Montgomery (RB – CHI) returns from injury.

1:07 – The Chiefs are leading the Washington Football Team 10-6. My dad brought up a great point: the Chiefs look like something is wrong, but they don’t know what. The truth is that the Chiefs should be blowing the WFT away. Yet, the game is close. My dad is usually correct, so I’m inclined to agree that we all need to be deeply concerned about the Chiefs.

1:10Cooper Kupp (WR – LAR) scores for the Rams. This man is lighting this league up. Matthew Stafford (QB – LAR) has brought prosperity to this team, but he’s got Cooper Kupp to the Top-3 WR conversation. Rams up 20-3. Blowout alert.

1:28 – Washington now leads the Chiefs 13-10 after a 39 yard TD. As I said, things are looking UGLY for the Chiefs.

1:40 – Mahomes has two picks in this game. Someone remind him who he is.

1:55 – My dad just texted me, “Early games pretty boring.” My dad is a legend, and he is also correct. Except this Bears vs. Packers game is exciting—all energy.

2:06 – The Ravens are leading the Chargers 27-6! WHAT?!

2:11 – Another text from my dad: “Khalil Herbert is a revelation.” My dad is the biggest Packers fan in the world, so this is high praise for the Bears rookie RB.

2:17 – Okay, the Chiefs are back in it. 17-13 after a Tyreek Hill (WR – KC) TD.

2:31 – It’s pretty clear that the Bears have found their guy in Justin Fields (QB – CHI). He’s not quite there yet, but he’s such a stark contrast from Mitch Trubisky that you can’t help but imagine a long and eventful career.

2:59 – Chiefs are up 31-13. Forget what I said. There’s still something up with them, though.

3:08 – Carolina kicks a FG to bring things to a single-score game against the Vikings. 28-20, and the end of the game approaches.


3:30 – The wife and I are leaving Soldier Field. The Packers topped the Bears in a relatively low-scoring affair. 24-14.

3:35 – The second slate of games begins. My wife and I are walking to the train to escape humanity.

3:38Henry Ruggs (WR – LV) helps the Raiders strike first against the Broncos. 48 yard TD.

4:00 – Vikings steal the Overtime match against the Panthers. KJ Osborn gets the knockout TD grab.

4:01Kyler Murray (QB – ARI) hits DeAndre Hopkins (WR – ARI) to return to the MVP race and put the Cardinals up 14-0 against the Browns. Woof. Baker Mayfield is feeling less and less like the savior that Cleveland needs.

4:27 – The Patriots are leading the Cowboys 14-7. As my dad put it, “Hard to believe.” Agreed.

4:45 – Now, I’m currently still waiting for the train this moment, but my dad has other things he needs to do. Apologies, but I’ll check in with you a bit later in these second slate games.

6:50 – Woof. The journey away from a game is always arduous, but today was rough. Chicago has a train problem. ANYWAY! I’m making our salad while I watch the close of this Dallas vs. Patriots game. The Cowboys made it a bit too close for comfort, but CeeDee Lamb (WR – DAL) just caught a TD in the back corner of the endzone. Game over. How bout them–actually, no. I’m not going to say it. Until Dallas defeats a legit opponent, then I refuse to speak their catchphrase.

6:51 – In other news, the Raiders topped the Bronces, 34-24. I guess the post-Gruden phase isn’t as devastating for this team as one might have expected.

6:52 – The Cardinals stayed undefeated by dismembering the Browns, 37-14. Nick Chubb (RB – CLE) was out for this game, and Kareem Hunt (RB – CLE) was carted off partway through. Watch your waiver wire for anyone who might get carries for this team. They’ve had a rough couple of weeks, but the RB for the Browns is still a position to target.

7:35 – The Seahawks and Steelers are starting now. Hot take, but I’d rather have Geno Smith (QB – SEA) as my QB than Ben Roethlisberger (QB – PIT). The man’s done, and the division is about as competitive as possible. Let’s go.

8:00 – Yawn. Nothing in the first quarter.

8:10 – Hey, hey! Najee Harris (RB – PIT) is pretty much the guaranteed Offensive Rookie of the Year. He also just scored. I’m just sad I didn’t target him earlier in my drafts.

8:55 – Halftime hits with the Steelers up 14-0. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I honestly can’t take a Seahawks team with no Russ Wilson. This is painful to watch.

9:15Alex Collins (RB – SEA) scores a 2-yard TD. His resurgence is wild. He was last fantasy-relevant in 2017. He led the Ravens with 973 yards on the ground. No career is the same as another. We should all learn to appreciate what we have before it’s gone.

9:30 – Geno Smith tosses a short pass to Will Dissly (TE – SEA) for a TD. A delicious 41 yard gain set up the play by Gerald Everett (TE – SEA). This is a hot take, but I genuinely think Geno Smith is not an awful QB. Middling? Yes, but he’s fun to root for.

9:45 – End of the third quarter, and the Seahawks are driving. This Pittsburgh defense is struggling. They’re worse at stopping the run than my arthritic knees are at stopping me from jogging.

9:49 – 3rd and 3, and the Seahawks play to their strength with a run… just kidding! That would make sense to do. Instead, they try to pass, and Geno Smith gets smothered for a sack. The kicking team enters the chat.

10:40 – ANOTHER game is going to overtime. 20-20. The last time something was 20-20, it was the worst year ever.

11:20 – The game is over, as is the day. The Steelers won it on a field goal. Yeesh. I’m tired.

11:35 – Once again, I want to thank my dad for his help today. He helps me almost every day, but the bond between father and son that fantasy football can create is special. Love you, Dad. Also, thanks to my wife for giving me a perfect birthday gift and for making life extraordinary. The lesson of this week is simple: smell the roses. Life can be distracting. Make sure you enjoy the moment you’re in. Make sure you’re thankful for what you have. Life is good if you let it be. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

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