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Dynasty Roster Renovation: Rebuilding Targets (2021 Fantasy Football)

Nov 18, 2021
Cole Kmet

I’ve previously written about the “whys,” “hows,” and “when” of trading. This week I want to go over a few of the “whos.” In this week’s column, I want to highlight a few of my favorite targets for rebuilding rosters. Don’t go nuts, but kick the tires on these guys and see what you do.

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QB Targets

Tua Tagovailoa (QB – MIA)
Trevor Lawrence (QB – JAC)

If you’re rebuilding and looking to add some long-term QB talent to your roster on the cheap, these two are great starting options. Tua has played well below what he was expected to this year, but he could still be a solid QB1 option in the long run. For dynasty, sometimes you need to take the risk and see where it goes, even if it means you have to spend a little more than you may like.

Another player to target for rebuilding teams is the rookie, Lawrence. The Jaguars have played above their weight class as of late, but Lawrence hasn’t looked great doing it. His current manager might be looking to go for the title and be willing to sell Lawrence for another QB that’s performing well right now. If you have an older option on your team, maybe you can make something work and win in the long run with Lawrence.

RB Targets

Kareem Hunt (RB – CLE)
Miles Sanders (RB – PHI)

Generally speaking, I avoid adding running backs to rebuilding rosters, but sometimes it’s worth trying. Outside of the IR running backs, Kareem Hunt could be a potential trade target before the deadline. His current manager has been without him for weeks and might be fed up with it. Hunt isn’t getting a lot of publicity lately, so you might be able to get him for a second if you’re flush with picks.

Another RB that could be had for a discount is Miles Sanders. This year, Sanders has been underwhelming, even though the Eagles have recently found their missing running game. When Sanders comes back from IR, he might get a longer leash or ride the bench. It’s hard to say. His current manager might want out, giving you a chance to buy at a discount in the right situation.

Tarik Cohen (RB – CHI)
Jeff Wilson (RB – SF)
Trey Sermon (RB – SF)

The second tier of RB targets is largely lottery tickets that you hope might pay off for a meager price. Cohen could come back, but there’s no guarantee of that at all. If and when he does, the team might not need him. This makes him an acceptable candidate to send a 3rd or other bench player for in a trade. You never know. He’s worth the risk.

The other two are both 49ers running backs who could have some value next year. This year, Wilson and Sermon are on polar opposite ends of the value spectrum, with Wilson being worth something and Sermon being worth nothing. If either ends up with a starting job next season, you would be very happy about it. Wilson’s might be with San Fran, but Sermon’s is likely to be anywhere else at this point. Both are worth late picks for the chance they pan out.

WR Targets

Calvin Ridley (WR – ATL)
Allen Robinson (WR – CHI)

Wide receivers are my prime rebuilding targets in most leagues. That’s not to say that you should overpay or target the top players, though. Target players on the decline, albeit short-term, that could pan out next year under different circumstances.

Both Ridley and Robinson are top talents in the league who are struggling this year, either on or off the field. Both are being had for pennies on the dollar in some leagues and are worth asking about. Both have high risk and high reward, which could carry a high price tag, but better to know than be in the dark at least.

Robert Woods (WR – LAR)
Kenny Golladay (WR – NYG)
JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR – PIT)

These next three options are plagued with injuries and uncertain futures but could all be WR2 options if things go right in the next few years. Woods and Golladay are likely returning to their current teams next year, but both could also be true WR1 options if they come back at 100%. The Rams love Kupp, and the Giants love Barkley, but Woods and Golladay have true WR1 talent for fantasy which is worth taking a risk on for the right price.

On the other hand, Juju is likely wearing a different uniform next year. He could go somewhere that tanks his value, but it’s more likely that he goes to a contender and boosts it instead. Juju on the Chiefs or Packers could be huge for his fantasy value. He’s someone I’m grabbing in every rebuilding team I have, just in case. Don’t overpay, but see what he’s worth to his current manager.

TE Targets

David Njoku (TE – CLE)
Cole Kmet (TE – CHI)

Tight ends are probably the second position I look for in a rebuild. This is because they take longer to develop and can see a huge swing in value in the right situation. Njoku wants out of Cleveland. That’s not a secret. If he goes somewhere with a lot of potential, he could be a top TE next year. Easily worth adding for cheap if you can.

Kmet could be the biggest riser on this entire list. He’s someone that many people were fans of heading into 2021, so his current manager might not want to move him. That being said, Kmet hasn’t exactly popped this year. It’s possible that you can send another TE and a pick to get Kmet added to your roster. Worth a shot.

Whatever you do, if you’re rebuilding, don’t just sit on your hands. Send offers, check waivers, stay active. That’s the single best way to improve your roster and increase your ability to have fun in this game. Putting in a bit of work now can lead to tons of positive results in the future. Go for it!

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