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TopPropFantasy Battleground: Week 12

by Raju Byfield | @FantasyContext | Featured Writer
Nov 27, 2021

Thursday is in the books, and the sweats have begun at TopProp Fantasy Sports. The best way to challenge your friends (or rivals) and add a new layer of competition, TopProp adds another dimension to traditional season-long fantasy leagues. Let’s take a look at our plans for Week 12. 

TopProp allows users to create bonus point-based contests between two teams within your league. There is also the option to create a contest between two teams in a public or experts league. Now live at TopProp is the Battleground, an exciting way to create unique fantasy contests to enjoy. And remember to enter the referral code ‘FantasyPros’ when you sign up for a chance to win a signed Christian McCaffrey jersey.

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TopPropFantasy Battleground is finally here. 

What is Battleground?

TopProp’s Battleground allows users to create head-to-head matchups based on projected fantasy points. Similar to their team challenge mode, there will be bonus points assigned to the underdog, essentially creating a margin that the favored team will have to win by. Seem simple enough? It is, and that’s the beauty. You can issue challenges to friends, league mates, rivals, or the TopProp community as a whole. The league challenges were fun, but the Battleground has a chance to revolutionize the fantasy space, and we are excited about it. 

Let’s take a look at the challenges we have created for Week 12. We have kept them as free contests so those who feel inclined can test out the new mode before laying down cash in future weeks. 

For Week 12, I set up two different challenges, one at running back and one at wide receiver. At running back, I decided to go with Week 12 opponents Joe Mixon and Najee Harris, two of the most talented running backs in the NFL. At wide receiver, I went with the breakout superstar of the year and fantasy football MVP front runner Deebo Samuel and the route running master Davante Adams

Joe Mixon has been excellent in 2021. His passing game usage could be more consistent, but Mixon has 11 touchdowns on the season and has found the end zone in all but one of the Bengals losses this season. The Bengals offense is explosive and balanced enough that teams cannot focus on stopping the run, lest they be lit up by Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd, and sometimes even C.J. Uzomah. Mixon is the RB4 on the season but could be much more productive if the Bengals made a concerted effort to make use of his plus receiving skills. The Steelers have allowed the 11th most fantasy points to the running back position this season, giving Mixon what looks to be an RB1 floor for Week 12. Najee Harris has been excellent as a rookie and has proven that he was indeed the most talented running back on an Alabama roster that once featured Josh Jacobs and Damien Harris. Najee is the RB5 on the season and will be squaring off against a Bengals team that has surrendered the 13th most fantasy points per game to the running back position. He is averaging over 100 yards from scrimmage per game and could have much better numbers if the Steelers offensive line was not such a mess. Many, especially more seasoned fantasy players, may still be sour on Mixon and may opt to side with Najee and his superior passing game usage for this challenge. Others may feel that the Steelers will have gamescript on their side with scorching hot T.J. Watt set to return to the lineup this Sunday. Whatever their reason, I should have more than a few users who accept this Week 12 challenge. 

Deebo Samuel has been a revelation for the 49ers this season. He was always a talented receiver with running back skills but has really taken his game to the next level in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. He is third in the league in yards from scrimmage, contributing 99.4 receiving yards per game and 13.7 rushing yards per game. Deebo is the WR2 in fantasy points per game. Davante Adams has been elite this season. He is averaging 7.2 receptions for 97.9 receiving yards per game and is showing no signs of slowing down. While there is no fantasy player on the planet oblivious to how well Deebo has played this season, nine out of 10 will still confidently proclaim that Adams is the more talented receiver. He is still ranked higher than Deebo on most weeks, and that combined with his name equity should entice quite a few users to accept this Week 12 challenge. Deebo has two bonus points to work with despite averaging more fantasy points, making him what looks to be a shrewd choice to go up against Davante. 

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Raju Byfield is a featured writer for FantasyPros. For more from Raju, check out his profile and follow him @FantasyContext.

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