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Quarterback & Tight End Streamers: Week 16 (2021 Fantasy Football)

by Marc Mathyk | @Masterjune70 | Featured Writer
Dec 21, 2021
Justin Fields

Two weeks left to go, and the way that injuries and COVID cases are mounting, it will be a mad dash to the finish. The entire season has been strange. Week 14 was a magnified version of the season. Week 15 was a magnified version of Week 14. How does Week 16 look? Mostly likely more magnification. People will win their leagues not necessarily because of the talent that got them there. Instead, it will be due to the roster that is still standing. Therefore, the popularity of streaming is paramount. People who normally stream find themselves with everyone else. Just trying to survive.

We are going to approach the streaming differently. Desperate times call for more choices. And here they are. The situation as I write this will most probably not look like the situation a few days from now. Nor will it a few days after that. Best to keep yourself connected and your eye on your waivers. Last-minute changes are real. It is great to have the ability to choose the best option, but it may be more of just getting a warm body in there that will score points, even if the points are not abundant. Winning won’t be pretty, but winning is still at the top of our agenda. So this week, a lot of choices. Chose your own adventure.

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#1 Quarterback Streamer: Tyler Huntley (BAL) @ Cincinnati Bengals

Lamar Jackson will probably be back, but if he isn’t, I like Tyler Huntley the most. If you had the chance to watch his last game against a tough Green Bay defense, Huntley looked more like LJax than Lamar Jackson has in recent weeks. He looks comfortable, poised, focused, and was a fantasy demon in Week 15. He was QB1 despite losing a close game. He made smart short throws, focusing on his two main targets, Mark Andrews and Marquise Brown. And this past game was not an anomaly. He has looked good every time he’s been asked to start or fill in. He does make many bonehead mistakes and looks like one of the best UDFA pick-ups at quarterback in the last decade. He is athletic and fast and replaces Jackson better than anyone can.

#2 Quarterback Streamer: Justin Fields (CHI) @ Seattle Seahawks

If Huntley isn’t playing then look no further than Justin Fields. He’s cut from the same Konami cloth. Sure he’s been up and down and at times looks lost, but when he’s “on,” he looks electric. Chicago’s offense is not as prolific as Baltimore’s, but he’s their future, and guess what? The future starts now. He’s enticing because of his dual-threat ability. And if he has a great game throwing, his ceiling is as high as it gets. The Seahawk’s defense does not scare anyone.

#3 Quarterback Streamer: Jimmy Garoppolo (SF) @ Tennessee Titans

No longer a great matchup as the Titans have been playing great defense. However, San Francisco is riding a wave. They are looking to not only make the playoffs but find themselves in a division that is suddenly no longer Arizona’s. The chances of them winning the division is slim to nil, but if they can improve their playoff seeding goal and keep momentum, then they need to keep delivering. JimmyG’s ceiling is not high as Deebo Samuel, and the running back tandem of him and Elijah Mitchell and Jeffrey Wilson is the focus. However, George Kittle has been elite of late and this only helps Garoppolo’s fantasy value. He’s sexy in terms of appearance but is the antithesis in football. However, he is your safest option this week.

#4 Quarterback Streamer: Matt Ryan (ATL) vs Detroit Lions

Matt Ryan has perhaps the best matchup this week. It is Matt Ryan, so we can’t get too comfy. But if the two young lads above aren’t available Ryan has the potential to give you enough to make it through. I know I have been annoyingly screaming how they need to get Kyle Pitts more involved. Despite his nice numbers, he still hasn’t been utilized enough. He’s a gigantic athletic beast that is ignored in the Red Zone. The Falcons need to end this. Pitts should be dominating because he’s that good. Ryan is good enough to get him there. If he can, Ryan will give you fantasy gold.

#5 Quarterback Streamer: Carson Wentz (IND) @ Arizona Cardinals

Carson Wentz has not done much to give anyone confidence these past two weeks. The reason is that he hasn’t had to do much. Jonathan Taylor has been incredible. However, despite the Cardinals losing a shocker to the Lions last week, I suspect they’ll rebound and make this a great game. These are two good teams. The Colts have been unstoppable, and the Cardinals, though the better team, are just trying to get their mojo back. It will be a competitive game with lots of throwing from Wentz. Something he hasn’t had to do lately. This will help his fantasy stock in Week 16.

#1 Tight End Streamer: Cole Kmet (CHI) @ Seattle Seahawks

I really think Cole Kmet is going to be a beast next season and has had moments in 2022. If Chicago’s offense was more consistent and dominant, he’d be at the top by a mile. The good news is Fields is only going to get better week to week. What’s even better is Kmet faces the Seahawks, the third best matchup for tight ends. With A-Rob all but gone, Kmet will be fighting for targets with Darnell Mooney, Damiere Byrd, and David Montgomery. However, Fields likes him. And you should too. He should stay involved this week and is a solid option. Chicago will most likely be chasing points yet again. This bodes well for Kmet and his fantasy production.

#2 Tight End Streamer: Evan Engram (NYG) @ Philadelphia Eagles

All of these tight-end streaming options this week are similar. All have upside. All have the ability to disappear. I only have Evan Engram second highest because he’s 100% healthy, and he has the best matchup. The Eagles are worst versus tight ends. The Giants are losing receivers right, left, and center, which only helps Engram getting targets.

#3 Tight End Streamer: C.J. Uzomah (CIN) vs. Baltimore Ravens

Similarly, C.J. Uzomah has a good matchup. The Ravens are not a dominating defense anymore. They are the fourth-most generous defenses against tight ends. This will be an intense rivalry match with the potential for a lot of scoring. If Ja’Marr Chase disappears, it helps Uzomah. He’ll get you points with the potential to get you more.

#4 Tight End Streamer: Albert Okwuegbunam (DEN) @ Las Vegas

Out of the bunch here, Albert O has the most upside. I truly love this player. Yes, Noah Fant is the main tight end in Denver, but it’s been closer than many want to admit. I actually think Okwuegbunam might be the better tight end, but that’s a different argument for a different day. When he’s involved, he’s electric and has great upside. He faces the Raiders, the second-best matchup for tight ends. Again, another division rivalry with two teams desperate to make it to the postseason. And if Albert O’s former college quarterback, Drew Lock, is playing then I like him even more.

#5 Tight End Streamer: James O’Shaughnessy (JAX) @ New York Jets

The least sexy option this week, but he’s been productive when healthy. And it is post-Meyer Jacksonville. I am still timid with Trevor Lawrence as a streaming option this week but feel comfortable with O’Shaughnessy. He should give you the floor you need and has more upside than most tight ends out there. The Jets’ defense is awful. They are seventh easiest for tight ends.

#6 Tight End Streamer: Adam Trautman (NO) vs Miami

I’d have Adam Trautman higher, but he’s integrating from an injury and is against Miami, who is middle-of-the-pack against tight ends. In Trautman’s return last week, he was pretty uninvolved, but I expect him to be more present. Again, he’s my number six option, so if you are left with him expect him to do more this week. I am targeting him everywhere in dynasty. He’s under the radar but could be the diamond in the rough in 2022. Before his injury, he was utilized often. I think he was eased in last week but should be more involved to help you win your playoff game.

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