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Dynasty Mock Draft: FantasyPros Writers (2022 Fantasy Football)

Apr 25, 2022

Some of the FantasyPros writers got involved in a dynasty mock draft. As part of this exercise, we wanted to bring you the insight of some of the writers and their strategies in terms of how they approached the draft, did they need to pivot, and would they change anything after the fact.

Here are the results of the draft:

Q1- What was your strategy going into the draft from a team-building experience?

To build a team that could compete immediately while also having a few younger anchor pieces so I can always re-load. I wanted to get stud performers earlier and get value through the draft. Therefore I tried to anchor with a top 8 QB and two top 15 QBs before I top up with Wide Receivers. I also wanted to chase an upside QB as my QB2 and was happy to take Tua at QB18 off the board. Adam Murfet (@Murf_NFL) Draft Spot: 11th

My mindset heading into the draft was to load up on stud running backs early and young quarterbacks. By doing so, I implemented a zero-WR strategy, waiting till the seventh round (75th overall pick) to select my first wide receiver. I believe you can find more impact wide receivers in the middle rounds than running backs. Despite being the league having three starting wide receivers, I was able to wait till the seventh, eighth, and ninth rounds to land Amari Cooper, Mike Williams, and Allen Robinson. After selecting JuJu Smith-Schuster in the 10th round, I feel confident in my top four wide receivers after spending my first two picks on Jonathan Taylor and D’Andre Swift. Mike Fanelli (@Mike_NFL2) Draft Spot: 3rd

I wanted to get a top-tier player at each position when possible without forcing it. I generally prefer letting the draft come to me and not worrying too much about starting lineups, but I also feel like my favorite teams have a stud at each position to provide a sense of balance. Then I can focus on getting values in the middle rounds without feeling too thin at any one position. Andrew Hall (@AndrewHallFF) Draft Spot: 7th

I had no expectation of a top-5 QB falling to me at 1.09 but pounced on my QB3 Lamar. From then on, I played my usual game of leveraging scarcity and double-tapped the top two dynasty TEs. I unintentionally went zero-RB but added plenty of young depth later in the draft. It was mission accomplished when it came to getting a win-now roster with simultaneous youth. Bo McBrayer (@Bo_McBigTime) Draft Slot: 9th

Drafting at eight in a SuperFlex format, my strategy was to secure two top QBs. My RB room will need some luck to avoid the injury bug after drafting Saquon Barkley and Cam Akers as my top two guys. I waited on TE to secure upside RBs and a solid core at WR. Swinging for the fences, I drafted Gronk at my TE1 and immediately scooped up Evan Engram as a hopeful upside play with Trevor Lawrence tossing him the ball. Gary Zamarripa (@garyzamFF) Draft Slot: 8th

In SF, I always favor the QB first, so I wasn’t thrilled with drawing the 4th pick. Don’t get me wrong – I would not have complained at all to get Jonathan Taylor there, but it’s just not my drafting style. Luckily he went third, and I snagged Mahomes, who I think people are overreacting a bit on with Tyreek Hill being gone. From that point on, it’s BPA in the early rounds. Jamie Calandro (@jac3600) Draft Slot: 4th

I’m not a proponent of taking two QBs with your first two selections in a superflex draft. I understand the merits of that strategy, but my whole thing is about building as robust of a starting WR/RB corps as possible. Bookending my group of those position players with Justin Herbert and Derek Carr felt great! Speaking of, something I like to do is find inexpensive “stacks” or a combination of a QB and one of their more impactful targets in their offense. Pairing Carr with the newly acquired Davante Adams and having that connection on my roster is a big deal. All in all, my strategy is to build a starting lineup of as many high-volume stalwarts as possible. After that, take chances! C.H. Herms (@HermsNFL) Draft Spot: 2nd

My strategy is usually to target share receivers/elite tight ends, and early RBs in dynasty leagues seem silly as they are a fleeting commodity. I also like 1-3 rd QBs that are duel threat because, in my mind, it offsets pass TDs being four and maximizes scoring potential on every snap. As far as RBs go, I want to have at minimum a semi-bellcow/lion’s share RB, possibly two, after addressing other needs and hoping I have a viable backup once byes startup a month or so into the season. I also draft a defense that I could see myself potentially keeping all season in the perfect scenario but knowing I’ll probably burn through DSTs streaming until a dark horse emerges and I ride them as long as I can. Luke Monaldo (@MoKnowsSports) Draft Spot: 10th

In startups, my goal is never to win a championship in Year 1 but to build a strong young team that will be ready to contend for a championship in Year 2. Picking at 1.12, I wanted to address the QB position early since positional runs can be cruel to the fantasy managers sitting at either end of a draft. And as always, I was going to favor the WR position over the RB position — my standard modus operandi in dynasty startups. Pat Fitzmaurice (@Fitz_FF) Draft Spot: 12th

Q2- If you had to pivot from your strategy during the draft, what caused you to and why?

Probably taking the 3rd QB round 8. It was getting scarce, and there were a lot of picks between the 8.2 and the 9.11. I’d have loved to have grabbed Olave there, but unfortunately, I was dictated to by the tier drop at QB. Tannehill was QB22 off the board. Matt Ryan and Mac Jones were left on the board, other than Tannehill. And both went before 9.11. Adam Murfet (@Murf_NFL) Draft Spot: 11th

I didn’t have to pivot from my strategy, and I’m happy with how my team came out. However, I should have drafted a second tight end sooner. In hindsight, I should have passed on Alec Pierce in the 14th round (as my sixth wide receiver) and grabbed Zach Ertz or Irv Smith. Instead, I waited till the second to last round to grab Isaiah Likely. Hopefully, he lands in a good situation in the NFL draft, as Likely is the only tight end on my roster besides Darren Waller. Mike Fanelli (@Mike_NFL2) Draft Spot: 3rd

I didn’t have to pivot, but I would probably have liked to go for value a little sooner. I went for Kelce in the 3rd as the 2nd TE off the board but probably would have preferred to select a different RB there and grab a TE in the 4th or 5th instead. Hindsight is always 20-20, but that doesn’t mean I hate how my team came out. Andrew Hall (@AndrewHallFF) Draft Spot: 7th

I’m usually seeking at least one top-tier RB, but the board simply didn’t fall that way for me. I was still able to attack the other positions to get desired assets. My pivot was collecting fringe RBs en masse farther down the board to build adequate depth. Naturally, most of them were risky rookie dart throws that don’t have a team yet. Bo McBrayer (@Bo_McBigTime) Draft Slot: 9th

I should have addressed the TE position earlier. Zach Ertz was on the board, and I went with my second backup QB in Marcus Mariota. Having extra QBs in SF isn’t bad, but Ertz could have given my team points regularly where Mariota will only help if there is an injury to one of my top three guys. Gary Zamarripa (@garyzamFF) Draft Slot: 8th

I didn’t really have to pivot from my strategy. Mahomes falling to me at fourth pretty much locked me into my “team-building style,” I was mildly concerned with who my QB2 would wind up being after being presented with amazing RB value in the second and third rounds, but Russell Wilson was there, and I don’t worry about age in dynasty start-ups. Jamie Calandro (@jac3600) Draft Slot: 4th

I consider myself fortunate that I did not have to make any pivots. After the first six or seven rounds, I’m mostly just taking swings on players anyway. C.H. Herms (@HermsNFL) Draft Spot: 2nd

QBs were going early and often, and being #10 in a 12 team snake draft, I decided with 6 QBs off the board already and old man Aaron Rodgers (who went next at 11) best available QB, I decided to fade QB and take reigning rookie of the year Jamarr Chase whose QB Joe Burrow went #7 overall as he fit my plan and him falling to 10 as arguable #1 WR seemed too good to pass. I was then able to get Jalen Hurts, a running QB who has his number called early, often, and most importantly, at the goal line. Besides being very young with a head coach who is committed to him as the QB, he fits my QB profile in this dynasty format, helping to field a contender now and for the next few years. I was able to grab another top target WR Stefon Diggs the WR1 of the #1 overall pick in this draft Josh Allen in the 3rd round after Mark Andrews (arguable #1 TE) went right before my pick. I took Zeke Elliot in the 4th Round to get a solid RB and then went with another RB, Josh Jacobs, to fill out a pretty solid core through 5 rounds. I rounded out WR with “Big Mike” Evans, Tom Brady‘s favorite goal-line target not named Gronk. I doubled down on Hurts by drafting his tight end Dallas Goedert before drafting Mac Jones as my Superflex and backup QB. Luke Monaldo (@MoKnowsSports) Draft Spot: 10th

No pivots. I had considered a QB-QB start, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pair Dak Prescott with CeeDee Lamb at the 1/2 turn. Pat Fitzmaurice (@Fitz_FF) Draft Spot: 12th

Q3- What is your overall assessment of the team you have built and your chances to win in the next couple of years with it?

There are good chances to win with maybe a trade or two and hitting players on the waiver wire. I have a deep RB and QB room, with some solid contributors in the wide receiver position. There is a little bit of clog at the quarterback position that I hope I can flip into some value trades that will really help. I do think I will need to reload with some talent each year via trades and rookie picks to contend, but the cornerstone is there past year one to build on. Adam Murfet (@Murf_NFL) Draft Spot: 11th

Aside from a few decisions in the later rounds, I really like how this team came together. With my two stud running backs and overall young roster, I feel my team can win now and for the next several years. I did draft five rookies, which makes up 25 percent of the roster. Yet, I can see all five having a role next year for my team. However, the depth of my team could become an issue if they all end up in poor fantasy situations. Mike Fanelli (@Mike_NFL2) Draft Spot: 3rd

I love the way that this team is built. I really like the youth I was able to grab at QB but probably would have hit RBs a little differently in those middle rounds. To compete, you really need to have stud RBs in your lineup, and with Gibson, Jones, and Sanders, I might only have a single solid starter in a year or two. Just in time to draft the new rookies when that happens, though. Andrew Hall (@AndrewHallFF) Draft Spot: 7th

In all honesty, this team is very fragile. The upside at every position except running back gives me a puncher’s chance every week, but I went so heavy on youth that a couple of busts could make the roster crumble like a graham cracker. However, with a few hits, my team is fighting for trophies for many years. Bo McBrayer (@Bo_McBigTime) Draft Slot: 9th

When you draft two QBs with your first two picks, you will need some luck with your RBs. In my case, I need to avoid the injury bug and hope those guys can play up to their potential. Barkley can be a championship-winning player, and he can also ensure you are drafting first the next season if he can’t stay on the field. Drafting him in the fourth round seems like cheating, but his disappointing play the past few years hasn’t earned him the benefit of the doubt in fantasy circles. I’m hopeful AJ Dillon and Michael Carter will breakout and boost my depth. I’m also optimistic we see more of the C. Patterson magic we saw last season. Gary Zamarripa (@garyzamFF) Draft Slot: 8th

I’ve built this team to win now, and if health holds up, I’m pretty confident I’ll be there in the end. McCaffrey and Ekeler (who I have ranked RB3 and RB2, respectively, in PPR) in rounds 2 and 3 were absolute gifts in value, considering Jonathan Taylor went at 1.03. My WRs have a lot of upside but also lack the floor with some uncertainties surrounding them. If they hold up, I got tremendous value there. I absolutely despise my TEs. I waited too long and wound up with a tandem of Robert Tonyan and Hunter Henry, neither of whom are even in my top 16. I’d look to sell high on a WR at some point in the season to upgrade TE. Jamie Calandro (@jac3600) Draft Slot: 4th

There is a decent chance I can do well right away. Investing in both J.K. Dobbins and Travis Etienne has a chance of blowing up in my face if their returns from injury don’t go well, but I feel I’ve insulated myself well with Javonte Williams and my top receivers. That said, assuming Dobbins and Etienne hit, I think I have one of the strongest starting lineups. My risky bench be damned! The starters are young enough to carry me in the early years and buy me time to figure the rest out. C.H. Herms (@HermsNFL) Draft Spot: 2nd

I think my team contends right away as I have a good core of young talented players at every position. I was able to snag Dalton Schultz in the 10th round giving me two solid TE1s. I also have the number 1 kicker in the NFL in Justin Tucker and somehow drafted Pro Bowl returner and explosive young WR Braxton Berrios in the 17th round, which almost feels like stealing. I also drafted Aaron Rodgers’ potential new favorite target in Allen Lazard in the 15th. As for running back, I took a lot of RBs in situations where, with inevitable RB injuries somewhere, if their handcuff goes down, they will see bigger number potential like Rhamondre Stephenson, Alexander Mattison, Nyheim Hines, and Jamaal Williams. I took these guys late, and my last non-defense pick was J.D. Mckissic in the 19th round, who can see a significant backfield share if Gibson gets banged up, and even when he’s healthy, McKissic sees enough targets to be a PPR asset. I would feel confident rolling this team out there and am kind of bummed it’s not a real league. Luke Monaldo (@MoKnowsSports) Draft Spot: 10th

With a heavy emphasis on youth, I realistically have almost zero chance to win in Year 1. It’s possible I’d be able to contend in Year 2, but the realistic ETA for this team is probably Year 3. Justin Fields, my pick at 3.12, is the key. If he quickly becomes a top-10 QB, the championship window could open early. If he busts, it might take a while to get the QB position sorted. Pat Fitzmaurice (@Fitz_FF) Draft Spot: 12th

Q4- What would you have done differently if you got to start all over again and why?

I would have probably taken another couple of wide receivers over having 5QBs. I took Trubisky for trade bait as several teams only have 2-3 QBs. Therefore I thought I could flip Trubisky for some wide receivers and build depth that way. It did mean I couldn’t take any shots with some late-round guys who could produce like Donovan Peoples-Jones. Adam Murfet (@Murf_NFL) Draft Spot: 11th

There isn’t much I would do differently if given a chance to go back and start over. I am thrilled with my two stud running backs while landing Deshaun Watson in the third round. Also, my top four wide receivers all have top 24 upside despite getting drafted in the seventh round or later. However, I would make a few changes in the later rounds. I should have passed on Daniel Carlson in the 16th round. Instead, I would have picked Nico Collins, who went with the next pick. I also wish I drafted my TE2 sooner than the second to last round. However, I am delighted with my team outside of those two things. Mike Fanelli (@Mike_NFL2) Draft Spot: 3rd

I probably would have grabbed a second QB sooner and waited longer at TE. The room was more QB heavy than I expected, and the top options were taken quickly, so getting Burrow in the 1st felt great. I just need Willis and Ridder to land in situations where they play early and often. I definitely feel like a contender in year one and don’t mind my 2-3 year outlook at all with the team I left with. Andrew Hall (@AndrewHallFF) Draft Spot: 7th

I honestly wouldn’t. I didn’t get sniped on very many targeted players and am satisfied with this team overall. I guess I could have taken Breece Hall in the 3rd instead of Andrews, but Bully-TE strategy has worked well for me in the past. I got outstanding value on high-upside players at the very end. This team will be tough for years to come. Bo McBrayer (@Bo_McBigTime) Draft Slot: 9th

I would probably pass my QB at my second-round pick and get one of the top RBs like McCafferty or Derrick Henry. Russell Wilson went in the fourth round, so Jamie got great value there. Other than that, I feel good about my draft. When you are drafting with the type of fantasy players that were in this draft, you have to take some chances. Go hard or go home! Gary Zamarripa (@garyzamFF) Draft Slot: 8th

The one thing I definitely would have done was grab a TE earlier. I’m never one to pounce early on the position anyway, but I just pushed it too far and wound up with a gaping hole there. I almost took Darren Waller over Russell Wilson in round 4, but I have concerns about Waller with age getting up there and Davante Adams in town. Otherwise, super happy with my squad. Jamie Calandro (@jac3600) Draft Slot: 4th

I mean, I probably should have been a little less carefree with my bench. I can blame auto draft for a handful of them, but that’s my fault ultimately. It is pretty plain to see just by looking at the results where I goofed on several occasions, but generally speaking, I am okay with what I did. C.H. Herms (@HermsNFL) Draft Spot: 2nd

Given my draft position at #10, I don’t see what I could have done differently than I would have. I might have tried to take another rookie or two, but therein lies the rub of a dynasty league, drafting to win now and in the future. I think my starters are young enough to win now and for years to come. I also maybe could’ve waited on drafting Justin Tucker in the 14th round but probably not because Harrison Butker went in the 15th before I picked again, so even that was probably ok based on my personal preference at kicker. I would’ve liked to have been able to get Zach Wilson, especially if I could’ve still gotten Berrios too. Luke Monaldo (@MoKnowsSports) Draft Spot: 10th

I’ll be honest: The double-tapping of TEs in Rounds 9-10 was the unintentional result of auto-picks. My bad. I didn’t mind ending up with Trey McBride at 10.01, but I wasn’t happy about ending up with Noah Fant at 9.12. If I could get a mulligan on those two picks, I would have double-tapped WR instead with JuJu Smith-Schuster and Rashod Bateman. Pat Fitzmaurice (@Fitz_FF) Draft Spot: 12th

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