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FantasyPros Football Podcast: Identifying the Next Breakout WR1s: 15 Wideouts With Elite Upside

May 19, 2022

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Welcome to the latest episode of the FantasyPros Football Podcast. The show is hosted by Joe Pisapia (@JoePisapia17), Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB), and Andrew Erickson (@AndrewErickson_). Together, our trio will offer insight to help your squads.

Joey P., Andrew, and Derek break down how to find the next breakout WR1 studs! Listen all the way to hear our trio’s suggestions on who has the upside to finish inside the top 12 at the position!


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Introduction – 0:02:36
3rd Year WR Breakouts – 0:06:58
Andrew’s 1st Choice – 0:07:36
Derek’s 1st Choice – 0:10:38
Andrew’s 2nd Choice – 0:13:51
Derek’s 2nd Choice – 0:19:47
Andrew’s 3rd Choice – 0:23:02
Derek’s 3rd Choice – 0:26:07
2nd Year WR Breakouts – 0:28:01
Andrew’s 1st Choice – 0:28:17
Derek’s 1st Choice – 0:31:50
Andrew’s 2nd Choice – 0:35:04
Derek’s 2nd Choice – 0:38:27
Rookie WR Breakouts – 0:42:10
Drake London – 0:42:47
Skyy Moore vs. Chris Olave – 0:46:28
Bonus 2nd or 3rd Year WR Breakouts – 0:49:33
Andrew’s Choice – 0:49:49
Derek’s Choice – 0:52:10

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