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FantasyPros Dynasty Football Podcast: The NFC’s 9 Most Impactful Position Battles: Is Christian Watson Too Raw to Succeed as a Rookie?

Jul 6, 2022

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Welcome to the latest episode of the FantasyPros Dynasty Football Podcast. Our show is hosted by Scott Bogman (@BogmanSports) and Pat Fitzmaurice (@Fitz_FF). Together, they will help you with your dynasty squads.

Scott Bogman, Pat Fitzmaurice, and Shane Manila (@ShaneIsTheWorst) highlight the most interesting and impactful position battles heading into the preseason. Find out why it’s a bad idea to buy low on Calvin Ridley, how wide open Green Bay’s WR competition truly is, and why Brian Robinson is a great value. Which Chicago WR will come on strong behind Darnell Mooney? The ‘Pros will tell you!


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Introduction – 0:00:00

Eagles Backfield – 0:03:01

Giants Wideouts – 0:10:29

Commanders Running Backs – 0:16:06

Bears Receivers – 0:24:19

Packers WRs – 0:32:25

Falcons Rushers – 0:41:24

Falcons Wide Receiver Corps – 0:47:40

Saints Backfield – 0:59:08

Seahawks RBs -1:04:48

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