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FantasyPros Football Podcast: Half-PPR Mock Draft 5.0: Sleepers, Studs & Busts w/ Graham Barfield

Aug 16, 2022

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Welcome to the latest episode of the FantasyPros Football Podcast. The show is hosted by Joe Pisapia (@JoePisapia17), Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB), and Andrew Erickson (@AndrewErickson_). Together, our trio will offer insight to help your squads.

Joey P., Big Pod Energy, and DBro are joined by Graham Barfield (Fantasy Points) as they compete in a half-PPR mock draft! Listen in as they attempt to assemble the best roster while explaining their picks every step of the way. Stay tuned until the end to see who came away with the best draft!


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Pats Camp Tidbits – 0:01:00
Miles Sanders – 0:01:50
Spoiled Banana Society – 0:05:21
Beginning of the draft – 0:08:02
Round 1 – 0:08:40
Round 2 – 0:13:40
Round 3 – 0:16:42
Round 4 – 0:20:36
Round 5 – 0:24:53
Round 6 – 0:27:26
Round 7 – 0:32:56
Round 8 – 0:36:32
Round 9 – 0:41:03
Round 10 – 0:43:39
Round 11 – 0:46:54
Round 12 – 0:50:39
Round 13 – 0:54:38
Round 14 – 0:57:09
Round 15 – 1:01:00

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