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Quarterbacks Busts (2022 Fantasy Football)

Aug 17, 2022
Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes will likely feel the negative impacts of Tyreek Hill’s absence this season.

Drafting a player early in your fantasy draft only to see them significantly underperform and tank your season is disheartening, to say the least. Our analysts have gone team by team to figure out which quarterbacks have the best chance to bust in 2022. Here are two signal callers who you should think twice about selecting on draft night.

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Patrick Mahomes (QB – KC)


Tyreek Hill’s departure cannot be ignored. The duo of Patrick Mahomes/Hill ranks second in combined passing touchdowns (41) since 2016 — despite Mahomes not becoming the starter until the 2018 season. There’s genuine concern about his top-tier weekly ceiling without Hill that is not being factored into his QB3 ADP and ECR ranking.
– Joe Pisapia

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Tom Brady (QB – TB)


No quarterback in the Super Bowl era has started at age 45; Tom Brady will be the first. We’ve seen other great quarterbacks play at a high level and then suddenly careen over the age cliff and have terrible seasons. It happened to Brett Favre at age 41. It happened to Peyton Manning at age 39. Who’s to say Brady is immune to a similar fate at an even older age? Brady’s longtime running buddy, TE Rob Gronkowski, has announced his retirement, and ace WR Chris Godwin could miss the start of the regular season while recovering from a torn ACL that wasn’t repaired until early January. Brady may indeed be the GOAT, but he’s far from a safe fantasy option in 2022.
– Pat Fitzmaurice


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