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Fantasy Baseball Pitching Streamers Week 24 & 25 (2022)

by Joshua Thusat
Sep 24, 2022
Hunter Greene

Hunter Greene should be a good source of innings for the end of the season.

This is it! If you’re still looking for pitchers to stream, it means that you’re in the finals in an H2H league or you’re hoping to reach your maximum innings allowed in a rotisserie league.

Here’s some strategy talk.

My home league allows 1,300 innings, and I try my best to get as close to that number without going over. Then I grab enough starting pitchers to fill all my pitching slots for one day. As long as they pitch on the same day, all their starts will count, even if I go over the maximum innings allowed.

To fill every pitching slot, I often need a few SPaRPs (pitchers who qualify for both starting pitching and relief pitching). If that’s you, consider Jose Quintana (STL), Bailey Falter (PHI) and Andrew Heaney (LAD). These guys should all pitch on Friday, September 30, and with any luck, they’ll pitch again on the last day of the season on Wednesday, October 5.

This is our last hoorah, so my picks below will carry you through the next 10 days.

Remember that I try to choose pitchers rostered in 30% of Yahoo leagues or lower. I do push this a little here.

To start the week in my H2H final playoff, I’m picking up two guys in particular in hopes of getting a couple of two-start pitchers: Hunter Greene and Jose Quintana. Even though they are above the 30% rostership threshold, it’s the end of the season and you may need innings! I’m only choosing one guy per day instead of adding other options.

Monday, September 26

Roansy Contreras (PIT) vs. CIN: 21%

Well, he gave up six earned runs in his last outing against the Yankees. But the last time he had an outing that bad was July 1 against Boston. Before the Day-the-Yankees-Got-to-Him, Contreras pitched five games without giving up more than two runs. He has an 8.59 K/9 and a 3.68 ERA. The Reds are 26th in runs scored in games away from Cincinnati this year. The biggest concern for Contreras is the control. He walks a lot of guys. The only good news I have for you there is Cincinnati is 24th in drawing walks this year. Warning: You may think Luis Cessa (CIN) is the other option here, but be careful. He gave up five runs in his previous outing against Pittsburgh.

Tuesday, September 27

Hunter Greene (CIN) at PIT: 46%

I’m staying with the same series and rooting for Cincinnati’s pitcher instead. Greene is a little over my 30% rostership, but if he’s available in your league, I’d pick him up for the home stretch. He’s got the Pirates and Cubs this week, and he can give you strikeouts (11.56 K/9). He also has a 2.37 ERA in his last six games. His 3.74 xFIP is a range I’ll take at this level of streaming. His slider is sitting at 33.7% CSW and while he only throws the changeup sparingly, it yields a 57.1% GB%. If he can control that 99 mph fastball more, he’s going to be a solid pitcher in the long run.

Wednesday, September 28

Matt Manning (DET) vs. KC: 21%

The Royals are 24th in runs scored this year, and the 24-year-old former first-round pick is on a decent streak. He has a 2.84 ERA in his last four starts, two of which were against these same Kansas City Royals. Manning hasn’t quite been able to carry over his strikeout ratios from the minor leagues yet, but he has limited the walks as well as his Triple-A season in 2021. The hope is that the strikeouts will come. He has a 3.43 ERA, and his slider has been the more vicious pitch, with a 34.4% CSW. With a 0.86 HR/9, Manning tends to limit the long ball too.

Thursday, September 29

Hayden Wesneski (CHC) vs. PHI: 21%

In 22 innings, Wesneski has managed a 9.82 K/9 and a 1.64 BB/9. He has a 2.45 ERA (1.71 xERA). He is keeping the ball on the ground 44.6% of the time. True, Philadelphia may be his biggest test yet, but when you’re looking to stream pitchers under 30% rostership, you have to gamble on younger arms doing great things. If it helps, in 89.2 IP in Triple-A, he had a 3.51 ERA and an 8.33 K/9. So he may be punching slightly above his level, but maybe the reality isn’t too far away.

Friday, September 30

Jose Quintana (STL) vs. PIT: 47%

We’ll stretch our 30% rostership rule here for a pitcher that could give you two outings in the last week. He could also be a much-need SPaRP at the end (so you can try to blow past your maximum innings allowed). Quintana nearly pitched seven scoreless innings in his last outing against the pesky Dodgers. He has a 3.03 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, 46.7% GB and a 0.46 HR/9. All of this exists on a playoff team with one of the strongest defenses in baseball. They will be facing the Pirates two times to end the season. Let’s put all our chips on red.

Saturday, October 1

Wade Miley (CHC) vs. CIN: 21%

I just can’t quit Cincinnati games this week. Miley has a 3.48 ERA in 31 innings, and while he yielded seven runs against the Marlins on Monday, only three were earned. His GB% is 53.7%. Miley has been throwing the slider more (which he threw 5% of the time last year vs. 15% so far in 2022). This pitch has a 36% CSW, but it has also led to a significant increase in groundballs on his cutter (51.7% in 2021 and 60.6% in 2022).

Sunday, October 2

Bailey Ober (MIN) at DET: 22%

The former first-round pick has a 3.71 ERA (3.06 FIP). The strikeouts haven’t been as abundant this year (9.36 K/9 in 2021 versus 7.63 K/9 in 2022). He has been throwing his slider more, and it has been effective for the most part. It yielded a 28.9% CSW in 2021 versus a 32.3% CSW in 2022. It’s showing a nearly 10% increase in O-Sw%, which means he’s getting more chases. To top it off, when they do make contact on the pitch, they’re hitting it on the ground more. Detroit is dead last in runs scored this year.

Monday, October 3

Hunter Greene (CIN) vs. CHC: 46%

Everything from Tuesday’s blurb applies here. The Cubs are 23rd in runs scored this year. In the last month, they’re 29th. They are also fifth in strikeouts in that time period. So the matchup is favorable.

Tuesday, October 4

Braxton Garrett (MIA) vs. ATL: 19%

I’m going against the grain here. It’s not a good day to stream, but if you must, why not lean on the former first-round pick who has been doing admirable things in the major leagues? He had a terrific CSW of 33% in his last outing (he has a 37.2% CSW on his slider for the season) and he owns a 3.52 ERA and a 1.16 WHIP in nearly 80 IP for the Marlins this year. The Braves are third in runs scored this year, but they haven’t been lighting the world on fire the past month. They’ve been middle-of-the-pack.

Wednesday, October 5

Jose Quintana (STL) at PIT: 47%

Hayden Wesneski (CHC) at CIN: 21%

I could see sending either pitcher into the fray on the last day. Check my Thursday and Friday blurbs to make your decisions. Or if you need the innings and they’re available, send both gunslingers to the bump. The only new information you might want relates to the matchups. Pittsburgh is 28th in runs scored this year and Cincinnati is 20th in runs scored.

It’s been a pleasure streaming pitchers with you for the 2022 season. Have a good winter and I’ll see you next year.

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