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Dynasty Fantasy Football Stash Candidates (Week 10)

Nov 10, 2022
Tyler Huntley

Dynasty is a long game, but paying attention week to week is vital to building your team. Don’t get lazy with your roster. Do whatever you can to find those players that are about to go up in value and stash them at the end of your bench. Even if they don’t pan out, you can drop them for the next up-and-comer next week. Here are my stashes for Week 10 in dynasty leagues of all sizes.

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Tyler Huntley (QB – BAL)

In case you haven’t noticed, backup QBs are a theme for these stash lists. The best stash options are backups to great QBs on good or at least above-average teams. This describes Huntley perfectly. One bad hit to Lamar Jackson and Huntley becomes fantasy relevant. The Ravens rely heavily on Jackson, but I doubt they’d rely the same amount on Huntley if Jackson got hurt. Still, Huntley’s trade value would skyrocket, and you could flip him for something better or a future pick. That makes him worth stashing to me if he’s somehow still on your waiver wire.

Nyheim Hines (RB – BUF)

Hines isn’t on waivers, or I highly doubt he is. He was a tried and true producer as a flex option in Indianapolis, but in his first game with the Bills, he only saw one target. Obviously, players need time to adjust to their new surroundings, but maybe the current Hines manager is starting to panic after only one week. I think he gets a lot of opportunities in his new offense, especially if Josh Allen is limited at all.

I’m trying to trade for Hines wherever I can, sending 3rd or 4th round picks to start with. You never know. The other team might be RB-heavy and looking to add some more stable pieces for the future. I’m not sending a 2nd yet, but if Hines actually plays well, his value could easily get there in the next couple of weeks. If you buy for a 3rd and sell for a 2nd, you’ve made a great profit quickly. This is how you win at dynasty, by making small moves to gain value at the edges of your roster.

Kyren Williams (RB – LAR)

It might be too late to grab Williams off of your waiver wire, but I’m still interested in stashing him on the cheap if you can do it. The Rams have no idea what they’re doing at running back this year, so why not give Williams a chance to see what he’s got in the tank? He’s been hurt all year, but the backfield he’s returning to is pretty broken. I doubt he does anything this week, but I want him on my bench before he scores anyway. Even if he doesn’t pan out, someone in your league might become more optimistic than you and pay more than you did to acquire him in the coming weeks. Again, this is a small move that helps your team as long as you’re early enough to make the move on your end first.

Odell Beckham Jr. (WR – FA)

I sincerely doubt that Beckham is still on waivers, but maybe your league is shallow and no one’s been paying attention. Rumors are swirling that Beckham should be signed somewhere by the end of November once he’s fully healthy again. No matter where he signs, his value will spike the moment he does. I’d much rather buy him now before that happens so I can try to capitalize on it. There’s a non-zero chance that Beckham signs and barely plays. There’s also a non-zero chance that he signs and is a top-12 WR for the remainder of the season. The range of outcomes for him is crazy, but I can guarantee you his value is more likely to go up from here than down. Try to buy him before it gets any higher.

Terrace Marshall (WR – CAR)

Marshall is probably the most expensive player on the list this week, alongside Hines. Marshall has been a flex candidate for redraft leagues a few times this year, and with all of the injuries and byes, he’s also seeing lineups in dynasty leagues. That being said, I still think he’s a worthy stash candidate for teams looking to add a flier on someone for the future.

I was predicting that the Panthers would trade Marshall at the deadline. They did not. However, they have been featuring him more on their own offense instead. That’ll work! His dynasty value has seen a good increase already, so he might be too expensive for teams looking to buy him cheap, but I’d still kick the tires by sending a future 3rd and see if that’s enough. If not, so be it, you can move on, but I bet something like that can get it done in some leagues. With Marshall’s talent and his finally getting an opportunity to shine, I want him on my bench if possible.

Charlie Kolar (TE – BAL)

We go from the highest name in Marshall to the lowest in Kolar. The Ravens placed Kolar on IR earlier this year, and if you had a spot on your fantasy IR, hopefully, you moved him there. Many did not and dropped him instead. Rightfully so, though. There have been a lot of injuries, so Kolar probably hit waivers in a lot of leagues. However, the Ravens are desperate for pass catchers with Mark Andrews being hurt. Backup TE Isaiah Likely has seen some relevance recently, albeit touchdown-dependent. Now that the team has designated Kolar to return, he might see some meaningful game time.

Kolar is probably only worth a 4th round pick right now, so don’t go crazy trying to get him. That being said, he could have a good game at a bleak position for fantasy that artificially inflates his value in leagues. If I have an open roster spot or feel like getting frisky with a low-floor, high-ceiling type of player on my bench, then I’m adding Kolar where I can. You never know. He could be the next Likely, right?

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