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NFL Week 12 Injury Report Analysis (2022 Fantasy Football)

Ja'Marr Chase

If Ja’Marr Chase is active, put him in your lineups.

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Fantas Football Start-Sit Assistant

Ja’Marr Chase (WR – CIN)

TBD. Lean towards playing. We wouldn’t bank on 100% of the pre-injury form immediately, but we do plan to start Chase if active. Our data predict a return to full production by Week 13 or 14.

Justin Fields (QB – CHI)

TBD. Fields can play through this injury, but with the team losing, we’d expect them to rest their young superstar and not risk worsening his shoulder.

Deebo Samuel (WR – SF)

TBD. Lean towards playing. Based on his practice progression, SportsMedAnalytics projects 90% of pre-injury productivity if playing. This one needs monitoring, however, because it’s his second hamstring issue this season and therefore carries an elevated (~20-25%) re-injury risk.

Kyler Murray (QB – ARI)

Expect Kyler to play in Week 12. QBs don’t see much performance dip when returning from moderate hamstring issues, so expect Murray to be near full strength this week.

Joe Mixon (RB – CIN)

Out Week 12, but highly likely to be cleared for Week 13. RBs return with full productivity after concussions.

Mike Williams (WR – LAC)

Re-aggravated high ankle sprains average three additional weeks out but also cause lingering performance dips lasting up to 2 weeks post-return. Williams has an outside chance to return in Week 13, but the more likely outcome is Week 14.

Josh Jacobs (RB – LV)

Week 12 status TBD. Lean towards playing, but keep a close eye on this one. Jacobs’s calf injury is likely minor, but late-week additions to the injury report have a relatively high rate of causing missed games.

Leonard Fournette (RB – TB)

Hip pointers are painful but structurally stable. Expect a return in Week 13 with no performance dip expected.

Gus Edwards (RB – BAL)

Expect Edwards to play in Week 12. Running backs returning from hamstring injuries play at 90% of pre-injury production levels.

Jerry Jeudy (WR – DEN)

High ankle sprains average four weeks for WRs, and Jeudy is now at two. We’d project his return ~Week 13, but wouldn’t be eager to re-insert him into starting lineups. These tend to cause performance hits of up to 20% for the first 2 games back.

Kadarius Toney (WR – KC)

Moderate hamstring re-aggravations average 2-3 weeks out for WRs. Toney has an outside chance to return in Week 13 but would be doing so with a significantly elevated (~20%) re-injury risk. It would, therefore, not be surprising if they decide to take it slowly and bring him back in Week 14.

Allen Robinson (WR – LAR)

Low ankle sprains don’t generally cause any missed games or negative performance impacts for WRs. Expect Robinson to be active and playing at near full production.

Rondale Moore (WR – ARI)

Moderate severity groin strains average 2-4 weeks for WRs. This will be Moore’s second game missed, so his most likely return would be Week 13-14.

Von Miller (DE/LB – BUF)

Expect Miller to miss 1-2 weeks while resting and testing out his injured knee. He’ll have a reasonable chance to delay surgery until the off-season, but more commonly would need it sooner. If he does undergo surgery, there are two main options: trimming versus repair of his tear. The average return from a trimming would be four weeks, with two being the earliest possible. Repair would shut him down for the rest of the season. Defensive players don’t experience any performance dip when they return.

Chase Young (DE – WAS)

Expect Young to play in Week 12. Defensive players average ~85% production at 1-year post-ACL. However, based on his age, high draft stock, and exception pre-injury athletic metrics, the SMA algorithm projects a relatively quick ramp-up.

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