Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, what is FantasyPros?
What makes your site different from other fantasy advice sites?
Can you provide a brief overview of your various products?
Which fantasy experts do you track and how did you determine who to include?
How are you able to access and rate the advice of paid subscription sites?
How do the fantasy experts benefit from your service?
What was the impetus for creating FantasyPros?

Accuracy (PAY™)
In a nutshell, how do you measure an expert’s accuracy?
Do you rate the accuracy of projections as well?
Do you rate Preseason (Draft) or In-Season (Weekly) accuracy?
What is PAY™ (Prediction Accuracy Yield)?
Can you provide more details on your accuracy methodology?
How and why is your methodology different from others?

Consensus Rankings (ECR™)
What is ECR™ (Expert Consensus Ranking) and how do you calculate it?
How often do you update your ECR™?
Why should I consider following consensus advice like ECR™?
Is it possible to get a consensus of just the most accurate experts?

F A S T™ Advice
What is FAST™ (Fantasy Advice Search Tool)?
How many players can I compare at one time?
Can I compare players from different positions?
How often do you update the advice that is provided?

My Playbook™
What is My Playbook™?
What is My Experts?
What is Prev ECR, Actual Rank, and Diff?
What is Points Allowed?

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