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Trey Burton is a TE1 Lock (2018 Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on August, 16th 2018

It’s often difficult to believe in something you’ve never seen before, but sometimes… you must have faith that the process is correct. There are many who don’t know how to treat Trey Burton as they head into 2018, as he’s … read more »

Top 12 Quarterbacks Fantasy Football Predictions
By Bobby Sylvester on August, 9th 2018

It will be best to think of this from a different lens than standard rankings. The purpose of this article is not to project the most establish the top 12 fantasy picks at the quarterback position, but rather to illustrate … read more »

Sleepers for All 32 NFL Teams (2018 Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on July, 30th 2018

There was a time, not too long ago actually, where the term “sleeper” actually meant something. If you could find a wide receiver or running back in the 15th or 16th round who contributed to fantasy football, you were certain … read more »

Who’s The Next Alvin Kamara? (2018 Fantasy Football)
By Marc Mathyk on July, 26th 2018

After last year’s epic display of rookie running backs, most of us are excited about this year’s crew. Three running backs finished in the top 10 in rushing. Leonard Fournette was not a big surprise but he was only third-best … read more »

10 Bold Predictions for the Second Half (Fantasy Baseball)
By FantasyPros Staff on July, 20th 2018

As is always the case, there will be plenty of surprises in the second half of the fantasy baseball season, perhaps to the same degree as Max Muncy’s astonishing breakout in the first half. If you are able to beat … read more »

Fantasy Football: Mike Tagliere’s Player Profiles (2018)
By Mike Tagliere on July, 12th 2018

As draft season approaches, we’re going to be churning out fantasy content for you to consume on a daily basis. A large part of that will include player profiles from some of the players who leave you with the toughest … read more »

Mike Tagliere’s Top-10 Deep Sleepers for 2018 (Fantasy Football)

By Mike Tagliere on July, 11th 2018

What does the term “sleeper” even mean anymore? If you’re like me, you remember going down to your local Walgreens to rummage through the magazine section for those on fantasy football. After that, it was straight to my Mead notebooks … read more »

Training Camp Battles That Affect Fantasy Football
By Mike Tagliere on July, 10th 2018

We are coming up on the time of the year where you’ll hear that everyone looks great and that they’re making their way up the depth chart. You know what I’m talking about – training camp. There’ll be veterans who … read more »

Patrick Mahomes Will Be a Sophomore Stud (Fantasy Football)
By Marc Mathyk on July, 9th 2018

There is a lot of excitement in 2018 for Kansas City Chief fans. For the past five years, they have been underwhelmed by Alex Smith at quarterback until last year, when he finally showed some signs of being a first-round … read more »

Chris Godwin Will Ascend in 2018 (Fantasy Football)
By Marc Mathyk on June, 25th 2018

Last year was a very strange year for wide receivers. There were only 13 that recorded 1,000 yards or more in 2017. That is the fewest in the past 20 years. Compare that to the previous year, where there were … read more »