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Which Duds From 2017 Will Be Studs in 2018? (Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on June, 13th 2018

If you missed it earlier this week, I posted an article on the exact opposite end of this spectrum about which studs from 2017 will be duds in 2018. If you missed it, you can find it right here. These … read more »

Which Studs From 2017 Will Be Duds in 2018? (Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on June, 11th 2018

If you’re like me, you have tons of conversations about fantasy football throughout the year. One of the most annoying things I hear on a regular basis is someone basing all of their judgement on last year’s production. While it … read more »

Best-Ball Players to Avoid (MFL10 and DRAFT)
By Mike Tagliere on May, 21st 2018

Late last week, we released an article highlighting some of the players you should be targeting in the late rounds of best-ball leagues (read it here), so it’s only natural we’d do an article highlighting who you should be avoiding, … read more »

Why Kenyan Drake Will be a BUST in 2018 (Fantasy Football)
By Mitchell Renz on May, 20th 2018

There will be at least one person in every fantasy football league who overdrafts Miami Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake in 2018. The “Hype” surrounding Drake last season went from “0 to 100” real quick, which is understandable since over … read more »

Jerick McKinnon Will Be A Bust (Fantasy Football)
By Marc Mathyk on May, 6th 2018

Some great football players are great athletes. David Johnson is an example of this. He had workout metrics above the 77th-percentile on Player Profiler and was the best running back in 2016. There are some great football players who are … read more »

4 Burning Questions (Fantasy Baseball)
By Max Freeze on May, 2nd 2018

Ronald Acuna finally got the call to the bigs everyone expected. After a week’s worth of games from the rookie, it’s clear that he was more than ready to arrive (and probably should have been up sooner). Either way, the … read more »

Dynasty Football Risers/Fallers Post-Free Agency
By Mike Tagliere on March, 30th 2018

It’s a sad day when you find out the wide receiver that you own in dynasty just signed the best wide receiver on the free agent market. Why? Not because his skill has diminished, but because his team felt it … read more »

How to Value Rookies in Fantasy Football (Pre/Post-Draft)
By Mike Tagliere on March, 21st 2018

“How high should I be drafting rookies in best-ball formats prior to the NFL Draft?” It’s a question that comes up quite a bit now that best-ball has gained momentum among the fantasy community. It’s a fair question, too, as … read more »

2018 NFL Draft Big Board: Top 100 Prospects (Mid-March Update)
By Mike Tagliere on March, 19th 2018

The focus of the NFL right now is on free agency, but soon it’ll shift back over to the NFL Draft that is taking place at the end of April. We’ve been mighty busy getting you content on free agency, … read more »

10 Players w/ the Largest Bust Potential (Fantasy Baseball)
By FantasyPros Staff on March, 16th 2018

When it comes to busts, the first important thing to remember is that it’s relative to where a player was drafted. Even though Anthony Rizzo finished with semi-respectable numbers in 2017, he was fully expected to be one of the … read more »