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Revisiting the 2016 NFL Draft (Fantasy Football)
By Nick Johnson on April, 18th 2017

It is often said that a player needs three years in the league before he can truly be judged as a valuable draft pick or a bust. I’ve taken a look back at last year’s selections and identified some guys … read more »

5 High Risk/High Reward Starting Pitchers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Tom Whalen on March, 24th 2017

With a myriad of injury woes rendering the current crop of reliable fantasy starters much thinner than than it was this time last year, the prospect of taking calculated risks at the positional is as viable as ever. These five starters … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Busts: Relief Pitchers
By Joseph Pytleski on March, 23rd 2017

Closer volatility is nothing new, and the idea of a ninth-inning sure thing is an oxymoron. Ninety-one pitchers earned a save last season and 40% of those earned double-digit saves. So, the margin for profit in the closer market is … read more »

5 High Risk/High Reward Infielders (Fantasy Baseball)
By Tom Whalen on March, 22nd 2017

An argument can be made that the present talent glut at all four infield positions makes high-risk players at those positions much less attractive. The counter to that argument is the “rising tides lift all boats” theory, which is to … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Busts: Starting Pitcher
By Brandon Warne on March, 21st 2017

Sleepers and busts. That’s the nature of fantasy baseball, isn’t it? Not every player is like Albert Pujols in his prime, with month-to-month splits that are virtually carbon copies of one another. Production ebbs and flows for every player, not … read more »

Players To Avoid (Fantasy Baseball)
By Stan Son on March, 20th 2017

The beautiful thing about fantasy baseball is that we all approach the game from a unique persepctive. As a result, we value players differently, which creates a functioning, liquid market. Below are some players that I’ll be avoiding this year at … read more »

5 High Risk/High Reward Outfielders (Fantasy Baseball)
By Tom Whalen on March, 19th 2017

Tolerance for risk is one of the defining factors of each fantasy owner’s approach to the game. Some owners thrive on risk; others avoid it religiously; some sprinkle in a few high-variance plays with their bankable standbys. With their sky-high … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Busts: Outfield
By Josh Shepardson on March, 18th 2017

Outfield is a position that features a little bit of everything. If you need thump, speed, batting average or run production, you can find it in the outfield. Some players offer more balanced profiles than others, while guys like Billy … read more »

6 Players with Major Bust Potential (Fantasy Baseball)
By Clinton Ho on March, 16th 2017

Drafting a bust is a quick way to take down your season, but it’s even more concerning when that player happens to be one of your top draft picks. Now let’s be clear, these players aren’t some toxic chemical that … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Busts: C
By Josh Shepardson on

Catcher is ugly. Gary Sanchez added a jolt of life to the position, and I’m a believer in his stick, so you won’t see him included in the busts. Buster Posey‘s power and average were down from his normal levels … read more »