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Players to Nominate in PPR Auction Drafts (2019 Fantasy Football)
By Brenden Schaeffer on August, 30th 2019

When it comes to auction drafts, the name of the game is to nominate players in which you don’t have any interest. If opposing fantasy managers are spending sizable portions of their auction budgets early on players you have no … read more »

Bobby Sylvester’s Fantasy Football Auction Values
By Bobby Sylvester on August, 14th 2019

If you’ve ever participated in an auction draft, you know that there is no turning back to boring snake drafts. You can craft your team exactly the way you want and the strategy component on is ten-fold a typical league. … read more »

Fantasy Football 2019: Wide Receiver Primer (Rankings and Tiers)
By Mike Tagliere on August, 13th 2019

There are often times during drafts where my rankings may say one thing and I choose to do another. Why is that? Am I being disingenuous to readers? Did I have a change of heart and not adjust my rankings … read more »

Stars and Scrubs or Balanced Auction Roster: How to Decide (Fantasy Football)
By Raju Byfield on June, 7th 2019

How does one decide what strategy to use from a team construction standpoint when it comes to auction leagues? There are two approaches that are the most common. One is to build your roster with a few stars and to … read more »

The Art of Nominating Players in Auction Drafts (2019 Fantasy Football)
By Raju Byfield on May, 27th 2019

Auction leagues are becoming more and more prevalent. They are arguably the fairest and equitable way to do a startup draft as they eliminate the luck element a randomly generated draft order presents. Auctions while sometimes painstakingly time-consuming, are an … read more »

Bobby Sylvester’s Perfect Auction Draft
By Bobby Sylvester on March, 15th 2019

Over the past month, I’ve been writing about my favorite fantasy baseball strategies. Each requires you to punt one or two categories which allow you to focus draft capital on dominating a handful of categories while exploiting the inefficiencies of … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Auction Primer

By Dan Harris on January, 4th 2019

This is my favorite article of the year to write. Seriously, just talking about a fantasy baseball auction makes the hairs on the back of my arm stand up and my wife roll her eyes and start texting her friends … read more »

The Perfect Fantasy Football Auction Draft
By Bobby Sylvester on August, 10th 2018

This season, I’ve been getting more auction questions than ever before. I am thrilled that auctions are growing in popularity, as it is the superior way to draft a fantasy football team. If your league hasn’t given in a try, … read more »

10 Auction Draft Tips (2018 Fantasy Football)
By FantasyPros Staff on July, 31st 2018

We’re on the cusp of that special time of year, folks! In two days, the NFL season will kick off with its annual Hall of Fame game, and with that coincides the start of the fantasy football draft season. One … read more »

Fantasy Football Auction Primer
By Dan Harris on May, 29th 2018

There’s no right way to approach or execute a fantasy football auction. Google “fantasy football auction strategy” and you can spend days learning various recommended tactics to dominate your league. Like many fantasy football players, I struggled with fantasy football … read more »