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82 Interesting Facts from the 2017 Fantasy Football Season
By Mike Tagliere on January, 23rd 2018

We’re about to enter what we used to call the NFL’s “offseason,” though you all know by now that there is no such thing. Not only have we been doing articles reflecting on what happened in 2017 and how we … read more »

DraftKings NBA Lineup Advice: Tuesday (1/23)

By Brad Richter on

After a wild nine-game Monday night NBA slate that was full of injury news, value options and high DFS scores, Tuesday feels like a big letdown. The Tuesday NBA slate only has five games on tap and very limited injury … read more »

Early 2018 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft
By Andrew Gould on

Say goodbye to productivity outside the realm of fantasy baseball. FantasyPros has opened the Draft Wizard tool for 2018. The simulation allows users to perform practice drafts in minutes without fellow humans wasting their time. Every other team is automated … read more »

The Death of the WR1 (Fantasy Football)
By Jason Katz on

I remember back to my first years in fantasy football. Way back in the mid-00s when running backs ruled the world. Before the years of advanced strategies and before zero RB even existed. You just went RB-RB because that’s just … read more »

FanDuel NBA Lineup Advice: Monday (1/22)

By Brad Richter on January, 22nd 2018

As with most NBA DFS slates, lineup construction will need to be modified in the last minutes to accommodate for the late-breaking injury news. We know a few inactives upfront such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, DeAndre Jordan, and JJ Redick but … read more »

2018 NFL Mock Draft v1.0
By Luke Inman on January, 21st 2018

Here’s a look at projected first-round picks for each team. Get a free $3 Best Ball entry into a 2018 DRAFT contest with your first deposit >> 1) Cleveland Browns: Sam Darnold (QB – USC) With the John Dorsey era … read more »

Fantasy Baseball: 10 Mistakes Not To Repeat From Last Year’s Draft
By Dan Harris on

As we officially close the book on the 2017 fantasy football season, it’s time to take a minute, sit back, and reflect on what a fun ride it was. All done? Good, because it’s time to start prepping for your … read more »

Dynasty Players to Sell (Fantasy Football)
By Jordan McNamara on

“Is this the best I will ever see from this player?” It is the most critical question to ask when determining whether to sell or hold a player. Players are best sold when they have produced the best we can … read more »

2018 Top Outfield Prospects (Fantasy Baseball)
By Eric Cross on January, 20th 2018

The outfield position is a magical position when it comes to fantasy baseball. You can get all your fantasy needs here for a variety of prices. It’s your one-stop shopping center for power bats, speed demons, and don’t forget, plenty … read more »

FanDuel Conference Cash Game Lineup Advice
By Bobby Sylvester on

Two games slates are always a challenge and this week is no different. This is especially true because we’ve got three of the best defenses in football playing. What’s more, is that there are three crummy quarterbacks on the slate … read more »