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Beginner’s Guide to Playing MFL10 Best-Ball Leagues
By Mike Tagliere on March, 20th 2018

It’s now been almost two months since we last saw live NFL action on our televisions, which can be depressing for football junkies, especially those who play as much fantasy football as possible. I mean, we have redraft, dynasty, DFS, … read more »

Fantasy Football: How to Approach Best-Ball vs. Season-Long
By Mike Tagliere on August, 8th 2017

Raise your hand if you have a hard time doing new things. I am one with you. Whether it be a new sleep schedule, new cellphone, new lawnmower, or new baseball glove. We reject change, for whatever reason. I didn’t … read more »

DRAFT Best-Ball Fantasy Football Rankings
By Mike Tagliere on August, 8th 2017

Over the offseason, I’ve shared my personal thoughts on each player from a season-long standpoint, but I’ve never released my best-ball rankings. That is, until now. With a lot of our readers/listeners signing up for DRAFT, we thought it’d be … read more »

MFL10 Strategy: Stacking For Upside
By John Proctor on May, 17th 2017

Any seasoned DFS veteran will tell you that “stacking” is the best way to maximize upside in essentially every sport. In baseball, you pick three to five batters from a single team in hopes that they shell the opposing pitcher … read more »

Five MFL10 Stacks to Target
By Aaron Medvidofsky on April, 29th 2017

Stacking has long been a staple in the daily fantasy community, particularly in tournament play. With MFL10s rapidly gaining in popularity it comes as no surprise that savvy players are applying some of the winning strategies of daily fantasy to … read more »

MFL10: Players To Avoid
By Mike Tagliere on April, 25th 2017

There’s a video game out right now called H1Z1, and in the game, there’s a massive multiplayer experience where 150 people are thrown into a virtual world where they start with nothing, just the clothes on their backs. Their goal … read more »

MFL10: Late Round Targets
By Mike Tagliere on April, 21st 2017

When strolling through an MFL10, it’s easy to drown out some names later in your draft. I’m talking about the names below those of the rookies. Why does that happen? Well, MFL includes dynasty rookie drafts in ADP, so it … read more »

MFL10: How to Approach Rookies Before the NFL Draft
By Scott Cedar on April, 6th 2017

When Laquon Treadwell was drafted 23rd overall by the receiver-needy Vikings last year, the fantasy world let out a collective “giggity.” A 6’2”, 220-pound playmaker going to a Norv Turner offense, Treadwell was immediately anointed the next Michael Irvin. His … read more »

MFL10: Best Ball Impact on Boom/Bust Players
By Mike Tagliere on April, 5th 2017

When playing in an MFL10, you need to adjust the way you draft. There are plenty of mistakes made in best-ball leagues by those who dominate their season-long leagues all the time. Whether it be reaching for a player that … read more »

MFL 10 Strategy: Maximizing Player Touches
By Zachary Krueger on March, 27th 2017

Chances are if you’re a serious fantasy gamer, you have likely dove into a few MFL 10 best ball leagues over the course of your fantasy career. If you haven’t, chances are you’ve heard about it, but aren’t quite sure … read more »