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FantasyPros Baseball Podcast: Mock Draft 3.0
By FantasyPros Staff on March, 10th 2022

FantasyPros Baseball Podcast · MLB: Mock Draft 3.0 (Ep. 473) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Stitcher | SoundCloud | TuneIn Welcome to another episode of the FantasyPros Baseball Podcast. The show is hosted by our own Joe Pisapia (@JoePisapia17). He’ll be interviewing featured experts and … read more »

Draft Strategy: Focus on Pitchers Early (2022 Fantasy Baseball)
By Chris Clegg on March, 10th 2022

There are many ways to draft a winning team in Fantasy Baseball. While the draft is just a piece of the entire puzzle to building a winning team, it is essential to have a strategy in place come draft day. … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft: 12-Team 5×5 Salary Cap (2022)
By Scott Youngson on March, 5th 2022

Preparing for an auction/salary cap style draft can be a challenge. Even if you feel prepared, it’s hard to simulate the speed and intensity of the draft room. But fear not, FantasyPros has you covered with their Salary Cap Simulator. … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft: 12-Team Roto OBP & SV+H Leagues (2022)
By Scott Youngson on March, 4th 2022

As baseball continues to evolve, so does fantasy baseball. Two statistical categories picking up steam in fantasy leagues are on-base percentage (OBP) and saves+holds. OBP has replaced batting average as the more valuable stat in most teams’ eyes. In addition, … read more »

Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Half-PPR Superflex (2022 Fantasy Football)
By Jason Kamlowsky on March, 3rd 2022

Out of the winter doldrums, we enter March as hope springs eternal. The NFL Scouting Combine gets rolling this week in Indianapolis, which can only mean one thing: It is time to begin getting deep into dynasty mock drafts. Our … read more »

12-Team Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft: Early Pick (2022)
By Ari Koslow on March, 1st 2022

Last time, I did a fantasy baseball mock draft with a middle pick. That can be found here. When you have a middle pick, the advantages are not having to wait too long between each pick. With an early pick, … read more »

12-Team Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft: Middle Pick (2022)
By Ari Koslow on February, 26th 2022

One of the best ways to practice for your real fantasy baseball draft is to partake in mock drafts. They give you a general idea of where players are being taken so you aren’t entering your actual draft blind. It … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft: 12-Team 5×5 Categories, Early Pick, Punting SBs & Saves (2022)
By Scott Youngson on February, 25th 2022

Spring is in the air, and you can feel the season is almost upon us as pitchers and catchers report in Florida and Arizona. Or maybe not. In any case, we must remain optimistic that the owners and players will … read more »

12-Team Mock Draft: Late Pick (2022 Fantasy Baseball)
By Andrew Gould on February, 22nd 2022

We all like to think we command complete control of any draft room we enter, but so much hinges entirely on the randomized order. Last month, I began my offseason preparation by firing up FantasyPros’ Draft Simulator for a mock … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft: Yahoo 10-Team 5×5 Roto Late Pick (2022)
By Scott Youngson on February, 17th 2022

Last week, I did my first mock draft for the 2022 season. I kept it pretty generic for the first go around, so I wanted to make it a bit more specific this time. Since Yahoo is the most popular … read more »