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12-Team Mock Draft (Middle Pick) (Fantasy Baseball 2020)
By Mario Mergola on March, 19th 2020

One of the biggest benefits of repeatedly conducting mock drafts is in determining how to handle the first and second-round picks. As we get deeper into the draft, we can deviate from the average draft position with greater frequency, but … read more »

8 Post-Hype Sleepers (2020 Fantasy Baseball)
By Andrew Gould on March, 17th 2020

At one point in the not-so-distant past, all of the following players were once Shiny New Toys. We drafted them with glee, expecting league-winning breakouts. Instead, like essentially every does in their 20s, they faced adversity. Rather than exerting patience, … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Hitter Sleepers (2020)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 16th 2020

Sleepers. It’s a term that you hear every year, but what does it really mean? Well, in the past, it was about players who were legitimately under the radar, who you could target in your drafts hoping that you had … read more »

12-Team Mock Auction (2020 Fantasy Baseball)
By Mario Mergola on March, 14th 2020

Patience. If the overall strategy of an auction can be condensed into one word, it would be “patience.” Patience in spending. Patience in nominating. Patience in budgeting. Need proof? I performed exactly one mock auction for this article. It graded … read more »

Bobby Sylvester’s Fantasy Baseball Rankings (Top 300 – March)
By FantasyPros Staff on March, 13th 2020

Yes, Major League Baseball is delayed for at least two weeks, but chances are that your fantasy drafts are still on for the weekend. Today, I’ll give you my top 300 overall players with tabs to check out position by … read more »

12-Team Mock Draft (Early Pick) (Fantasy Baseball 2020)
By Mario Mergola on March, 11th 2020

There’s no denying that selecting in the early portion of a snake draft has one clear advantage: having a shortlist of players from which you are guaranteed to choose. In 2020, the top-three picks are not only clear, but all … read more »

Sleepers for RBIs (2020 Fantasy Baseball)
By Andrew Gould on March, 11th 2020

By now, most informed baseball enthusiasts know there’s more to a hitter’s worth than a lofty RBI tally. Largely dependent on his teammates and spot in the order, the imperfect stat is thankfully no longer the driving force in evaluating … read more »

$1 Auction Targets (2020 Fantasy Baseball)
By Mario Mergola on March, 10th 2020

Auctions are continuing to gain popularity within the fantasy baseball community, and rightfully so. Not only is it tied closely to the numbers with which many fantasy owners create their rankings, but it’s a different type of engagement than we … read more »

ECR vs ADP: Overvalued & Undervalued (Fantasy Baseball 2020)
By Nate Miller on March, 9th 2020

If you are unfamiliar with FantasyPros ECR (Expert Consensus Ranking), in layman’s terms, it ranks all MLB players based upon an average of where many experts around the industry currently place a given player’s Fantasy Baseball value. What can really … read more »

Sleepers for Home Runs (2020 Fantasy Baseball)
By Andrew Gould on March, 8th 2020

It’s trickier to highlight sleepers for home runs when so many sluggers are hiding in plain sight. At this time last year, we didn’t know MLB was going to play Home Run Derby all season. The environment led to plenty … read more »