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Mark Johnson’s 2020 NFL Mock Draft (2.0)
By Mark Johnson on February, 14th 2020

The more years I spend covering the NFL Draft, the more I feel like it is a second Christmas for NFL fans and teams alike. We spend months making wish lists and finding what best fits our needs and desires. … read more »

Kyle Yates’ 2020 NFL Mock Draft (1.0)
By Kyle Yates on February, 7th 2020

We’re now at the time of year where all NFL attention has turned towards the 2020 Draft. Rumors are starting to circulate, while the hot takes are out in abundance on Twitter. It’s officially draft season, which means that it’s … read more »

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 (Two Rounds)
By FantasyPros Staff on February, 4th 2020

With the Chiefs having secured their first Super Bowl victory in over 50 years, it can only mean that it is time to move along to the 2020 NFL Draft. Today, I’ll be providing my second mock draft and we’ll … read more »

2020 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (Two Rounds)
By FantasyPros Staff on January, 13th 2020

The Super Bowl has not even shaped into place yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming on our NFL franchises for 2020. There is nothing more exciting for the fan of a team who is already out than … read more »

Early 2020 NFL Mock Draft: 1st and 2nd Rounds
By Mark Johnson on January, 1st 2020

The top 20 draft picks are locked in and what a ride it was to get here! The Bengals’ front office decided to play the entire season with 52 men and pay A.J. Green to watch. If you don’t believe … read more »

2020 NFL Mock Draft (Two Rounds)
By FantasyPros Staff on November, 12th 2019

For fans of struggling NFL teams and coaches of injury-riddled fantasy teams, there is nothing more worth looking forward to than the NFL Draft. I figured rather than making you all wait until the off-season, I could shoot a little … read more »

Who had the Most Accurate NFL Mock Draft in 2019?
By FantasyPros Staff on April, 29th 2019

The 2019 NFL Draft is in the books, and that means everyone is mad at their team’s management, but it also means we get to find out who the most accurate NFL Draft experts are. Our accuracy methodology is unchanged … read more »

2019 Mock Draft Contest Results
By Clinton Ho on April, 28th 2019

For some, the NFL Draft was great, for Giants fans, things went downhill fairly quickly in Round 1. However, over 3,500 people took part in our mock draft contest and the top draftniks weren’t surprised at all by the results. Congrats … read more »

2019 NFL Mock Draft (Round 2)
By Raju Byfield on April, 26th 2019

With an exciting day one in the books, and some wild movement changing the outlook of the second round, we will take a look at what could transpire on what promises to be an equally exciting day two. Day one … read more »

Bobby Sylvester’s Three-Round NFL Mock Draft with Trades
By FantasyPros Staff on April, 25th 2019

I’ve been counting down the days since the NFL season ended and in just hours, the 2019 NFL Draft will finally be underway! We’ll find out where Josh Rosen is headed along with plenty of fantasy implications. There will surely … read more »