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How to Value Shohei Ohtani (Fantasy Baseball)
By Andrew Seifter on February, 15th 2018

He’s being hyped as the Japanese answer to Babe Ruth, so there’s little question that Shohei Ohtani is a huge deal for Major League Baseball. He’s also already proven to be a big deal for fantasy baseball, where fantasy league … read more »

Don’t Reach for Rafael Devers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Brendan Tuma on February, 14th 2018

On August 13th, 2017, Rafael Devers stepped into the batter’s box at Yankee Stadium with the Red Sox trailing 2-1 in the ninth. There was one out and the count was 1-2. This was only Devers’ 15th game in the … read more »

All Aboard The Willson Contreras Hype Train (Fantasy Baseball)
By Brendan Tuma on February, 13th 2018

Outside of Gary Sanchez, Cubs catcher Willson Contreras might have more fantasy upside than any other backstop entering the 2018 season. First, let’s look back at what Contreras did in 2017. For the year he hit .276/.356/.499 to go along … read more »

Who is the real Rhys Hoskins? (Fantasy Baseball)
By Brendan Tuma on February, 6th 2018

Rhys Hoskins was one of THE stories as the 2017 fantasy baseball season came to a close. As a 24-year-old rookie called up in August, Hoskins legitimately won some players a championship last year. Hoskins wasn’t just good, he was … read more »

Fantasy Impact: Alex Smith Traded to the Redskins
By Mike Tagliere on February, 1st 2018

I want you to take a step back for a minute and imagine your team acquiring Matt Ryan after his 2016 MVP season in exchange for Patrick Robinson. Who? I can promise you that most casual fans do not know … read more »

The Polarizing Tommy Pham (Fantasy Baseball)
By Jim Melichar on January, 29th 2018

We’re living in a world where there’s a Tommy Pham debate in progress – something I never considered just a year ago. Among our consensus rankings, Pham is ranked as highly as 9th and as low as 96th among outfielders, … read more »

What is Jonathan Schoop’s Value? (Fantasy Baseball)
By Max Freeze on January, 27th 2018

Jonathan Schoop had a major break out in 2017 hitting 32 HRs, driving in 105 runs and hitting a solid .293 average. He’s only 26 years old and has improved on a solid 2016 campaign by hitting the ball significantly … read more »

Why Mookie Betts is Still a Top Pick (Fantasy Baseball)
By Brendan Tuma on January, 18th 2018

Entering 2017 fantasy baseball drafts many of us considered Markus Lynn Betts the consensus number two pick after some guy named Mike Trout. The reasoning was sound. In 2016, at just 23 years old, Betts slashed .318/.363/.534 while hitting 31 … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Impact: Giants Acquire Evan Longoria
By Max Freeze on December, 22nd 2017

A few weeks ago, the San Francisco Giants were in the running for both Shohei Ohtani and Giancarlo Stanton. Obviously neither have worked out but that hasn’t stopped the 64 win Giants team from improving their major league club. On … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Impact: Cardinals Acquire Marcell Ozuna
By Max Freeze on December, 15th 2017

The Miami Marlins continue to unload their top major league talent and attempt the long process of rebuilding the franchise. On Wednesday, the Marlins traded away Marcell Ozuna, their third All-Star caliber player to go within the last eight days. … read more »