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Fantasy Football Rankings: Dynasty Trade Value Chart (April 2021 Update)
By Mike Tagliere on April, 1st 2021

Have you ever had an offer sent to you that included a total of six different players including draft picks and you had no idea how to break it down? Do you match up player vs. player and compare them … read more »

Mike Tagliere’s NFL Draft Prospect Rankings: Wide Receivers
By Mike Tagliere on March, 31st 2021

The game of football has changed over the years, moving towards a more pass-friendly approach. This has led to teams moving to 3WR base sets, with some teams running 4WR sets 20 percent of the time. This isn’t the same … read more »

Mike Tagliere’s 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings: Running Backs
By Mike Tagliere on March, 25th 2021

Is the running back position a dying breed? While I’d say no, there are many out there who disagree, saying it’s a replaceable position. As is the case with most things in life, there’s probably a middle ground to this … read more »

Mike Tagliere’s 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings: Quarterbacks
By Mike Tagliere on March, 24th 2021

You’re going to hear a lot of chatter surrounding quarterbacks taking up 40 or maybe 50 percent of the top-10 overall picks in this year’s NFL Draft. Is it right? Probably not. Will they all work out? Definitely not. But … read more »

Dan Harris’s 2021 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Shortstop
By Dan Harris on March, 21st 2021

  Shortstop is a fascinating position for fantasy baseball in 2021. Depending on your league size, it may be the deepest position in the game. Three shortstops go in the first round in consensus average draft position. Several more are … read more »

2021 Shortstop Ranking Tiers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 16th 2021

  Shortstop is once again loaded for fantasy this year, and you can, conceivably, have three in your lineup at SS, middle infield, and utility. That doesn’t even include the other options who have eligibility at other position. You’ll see … read more »

Analyzing Rookie ADP Data (2021 Dynasty Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on March, 12th 2021

  If there’s one thing that I know, it’s that dynasty owners tend to overvalue incoming talent. It’s weird even typing that because I believe in talent, but there’s something that’s much more important in the NFL. Opportunity. You need … read more »

2021 Catcher Rankings Tiers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 12th 2021

I think it’s time to have a talk. No, it isn’t about eliminating two-catcher leagues. That’s like screaming into a brick wall. The traditional players don’t want to hear it, for whatever reason. The talk I want to have is … read more »

2021 NFL Draft Big Board: Mike Tagliere’s Top 100 Prospects
By Mike Tagliere on March, 10th 2021

  Prior to shifting focus on NFL free agency, I was able to extend my film sessions with the incoming rookie class, therefore moving players up/down my big board. It’s important to keep in mind that certain players will fit … read more »

Analyzing CBS’s ADP for Undervalued Players (Fantasy Baseball 2021)
By Austin Lowell on March, 7th 2021

  Continuing with our site-specific over-ranked/under-ranked series, today we’ll be focusing on players who are being drafted LATER than they should in CBS leagues. We will compare the player’s CBS ADP to our ECR (expert consensus rating) and our ADP … read more »