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2019 MLB Draft Team Grades
By Bobby Sylvester on June, 6th 2019

Despite Major League Baseball making more than twice as much revenue as the NBA (yes, really), their draft is nowhere near as widely covered. It makes sense, of course, because NBA draft picks contribute right away whereas MLB players can’t … read more »

2018 Kicker Review: What Did We Learn? (Fantasy Football)
By Andrew Swanson on March, 20th 2019

Years ago, I wrote an article in which I proposed the elimination of kickers in the National Football League. Not just making subtle changes to the distance of extra points, or assigning a different point value for the length of … read more »

Free Agent & NFL Draft Needs for All 32 Teams
By Mike Tagliere on February, 25th 2019

The Super Bowl may have seemed like the end of the NFL season, but truth be told, it just signifies the start of a new season. The 2019 free agency and NFL Draft season. While many will argue with the … read more »

2018 Season in Review: Fantasy Football Hits and Misses
By Jason Katz on January, 4th 2019

Another NFL season has come and gone, and while the research and preparation never stops, it’s always healthy to take a break from the constant studying and just have some fun. That’s what we’re going to do here. Today, I … read more »

Takeaways from Week 15 Game Film (Fantasy Football)
By Bobby Sylvester on December, 17th 2018

Week 15 was the worst of all time. That is unless you survived the utter desolation. Chances are, you saw the boxscores and maybe even highlights of Kenny Golladay and DeAndre Hopkins looking like superstars, but missed some of the … read more »

Takeaways from Week 14 Game Film (Fantasy Football)
By Bobby Sylvester on December, 10th 2018

Week 14 was a nightmare for many fantasy teams who were single-handedly knocked out of contention by George Kittle, Amari Cooper or even freakin’ Derrick Henry. If that was you, it’s time to start looking toward next year. If you … read more »

Takeaways from Week 13 Game Film (Fantasy Football)
By Bobby Sylvester on December, 3rd 2018

Week 13 was flooded with incredible plays like Saquon Barkley juking out what seemed to be an entire defense and Travis Kelce terrorizing the Raiders. Chances are that you saw that and the other top highlights, but likely missed some … read more »

Takeaways from Week 12 Game Film (Fantasy Football)
By Bobby Sylvester on November, 26th 2018

Week 12 was the Christian McCaffrey and Amari Cooper show. More than likely, you saw all their top plays and the other highlights around the league, but weren’t able to catch the hidden details from around the league. My goal … read more »

Takeaways from Week 11 Game Film (Fantasy Football)
By Bobby Sylvester on November, 19th 2018

Saquon Barkley and T.Y. Hilton put their stamp on Week 11. You probably saw that in the highlights, but my goal today is to tell you what you likely didn’t catch from the highlights or boxscores. My week always starts … read more »

5 Takeaways from Week 10 Game Film (Fantasy Football)
By Bobby Sylvester on November, 12th 2018

Week 10 gave us a handful of exemplary performances from Nick Chubb and Zach Ertz to Christian McCaffrey and David Johnson. Chances are, if you are a football fan, that you caught those highlights, but perhaps you missed some of … read more »