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What Does Team Scoring Mean to Fantasy Football?
By Mike Tagliere on July, 6th 2021

One thing that continually blows my mind is just how little thought some put into what team or coach a player plays for. A few years ago, I wanted to find out just how much team scoring mattered to fantasy … read more »

Mike Tagliere’s Top-150 Fantasy Football Rankings (2021)
By Mike Tagliere on July, 2nd 2021

You’re likely heading out to meet up with some friends or family for the fourth of July this weekend. Maybe you’ll grill some food, have a few drinks, or catch a fireworks show. While all of those things are highly … read more »

Fantasy Football Rankings: Dynasty Trade Value Chart (July 2021 Update)
By Mike Tagliere on July, 1st 2021

Have you ever had an offer sent to you that included a total of six different players including draft picks and you had no idea how to break it down? Do you match up player vs. player and compare them … read more »

Which TE2s Could Finish in the Top 5? (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Geoff Lambert on June, 17th 2021

This piece is part of our article program that features quality content from experts exclusively at FantasyPros. For more insight from Geoff, head over to The tight end is the most top-heavy position in fantasy football. Outside of the top … read more »

Which Players Are Experts Higher/Lower On Than The Public? (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on June, 15th 2021

There are players who are hyped up by analysts all offseason every single year, only for the public to disagree and refuse to give in. Rookies are the biggest divider in the fantasy community, as the public doesn’t tend to … read more »

WR3s with WR1 Potential (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Zachary Hanshew on June, 14th 2021

A sharp fantasy football manager knows that drafting a RB with your first two picks is a savvy decision because of the plethora of quality options available at WR later in drafts. I’m planning to implement this strategy in 2021, … read more »

QB2s with QB1 Potential (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Zachary Hanshew on June, 12th 2021

The late-round quarterback – a beautiful player for fantasy football managers. Taking a quarterback late in drafts can allow a manager to load up at other positions and snag a productive signal-caller without investing a lot of draft capital. Which … read more »

What I Learned While Doing Projections For All 32 Teams (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on June, 10th 2021

There are some exercises we do as analysts that take longer than others. There’s some research I’ve done that’ll never see the light of day because when all was said and done, there was nothing to be gained/learned from it. … read more »

8 Early Sleepers (Fantasy Football)
By FantasyPros Staff on June, 3rd 2021

Our featured experts share their favorite RB and WR sleepers!

Dynasty Sleepers: Running Back (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Zachary Hanshew on May, 21st 2021

Those of you reading this know that for diehard fantasy football fans, the season never ends. That’s why the redraft format just doesn’t cut it and fails to scratch the perpetual itch on your back. That’s where dynasty leagues come … read more »