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Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Week 2
By Luc Veris on September, 19th 2017

Things have normalized a bit after a weird Week 1, haven’t they? Brady’s back to single-handedly winning weeks for owners. Bell’s a factor again. And the Browns are back to looking like the lost and confused franchise that we all … read more »

Week 2 WR/CB Matchups You Need To Know (Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on September, 15th 2017

Whew, last week was a doozy. You had the Rams beating someone by 37 points, you had the Patriots losing at home in their home opener, and you had the Jaguars blowing out the Texans in Houston. While it may … read more »

Week 2 Primer: Analyzing All 16 Games (Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on September, 14th 2017

Whew, what an adventure it was going through an entire slate of games last week. It seemed like we’d be talking about the 2016 season forever, but no, not anymore. I’ll still reference last season at times because, after all, … read more »

Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Week 1
By Luc Veris on September, 12th 2017

Hello and welcome to the first weekly installment of Stock Watch 2017. I’m looking forward to riding this roller coaster with each and every one of you. Week 1 is in the books and you know what that means. Time … read more »

Week 1 WR/CB Matchups You Need to Know (Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on September, 8th 2017

If I had a dollar for every time that I heard someone say, “Don’t start that wide receiver, he’ll be shadowed by the top cornerback on the opposing defense,” I’d be a rich man. But the truth of the matter … read more »

Week 1 Primer: Analyzing All 15 Games (Fantasy Football)
By Mike Tagliere on September, 6th 2017

For those who have been following me for a long time, you probably know that last year I hosted my own podcast. If you listened, you’d also know that it was called “Process Over Results.” My wife knew what the … read more »

Mike Tagliere’s Top-200 Fantasy Football Rankings (Final Version)
By Mike Tagliere on September, 1st 2017

We’ve reached the end, my friends. We are now less than one week away from actual NFL action. No, not preseason, the real thing. Because of that, I’ve gone through and combed my rankings one last time for your final … read more »

The Riskiest Players to Draft in Fantasy Football
By Mike Tagliere on

There are times in your fantasy football drafts where you need to walk away from your safety blanket and take a player who you know has tons of risk. Why? Because sometimes those are the players who’ll win you a … read more »

Fantasy Football: Risers and Fallers in Drafts
By Mike Tagliere on August, 31st 2017

Every year we see it, yet some are surprised by it. Players taking a dramatic turn in drafts, despite us feeling like we have a handle on their situation. Earlier in the offseason, I tried to predict which players would … read more »

Who Are the 2017 Fantasy Football MVPs?
By Mike Tagliere on August, 30th 2017

This is a loaded question, right? I mean, isn’t the fact that we’re drafting Le’Veon Bell or David Johnson at No. 1 overall a clear sign that they’re expected to be the fantasy MVPs? Sure, we’re projecting them to finish … read more »