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How to Handle Pick 1.01 in Rookie Drafts (Fantasy Football)
By Kyle Richardson on January, 10th 2018

It’s been a long, rough season and you have wrapped up the first-overall pick in your rookie draft. Maybe you dealt with injuries, had ineffective players or maybe you’re in the middle of a rebuild. Whatever the case, a small … read more »

Fantasy Football: Dynasty Trade Value Chart (December 2017 Update)
By Mike Tagliere on December, 29th 2017

Have you ever had an offer sent to you that included a total of six different players including draft picks and you had no idea how to break it down? Do you match up player vs. player and compare them … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Impact: Giants Acquire Evan Longoria
By Max Freeze on December, 22nd 2017

A few weeks ago, the San Francisco Giants were in the running for both Shohei Ohtani and Giancarlo Stanton. Obviously neither have worked out but that hasn’t stopped the 64 win Giants team from improving their major league club. On … read more »

Fantasy Baseball: Dynasty Trade Value Chart
By Dan Harris on December, 21st 2017

If you’re a hardcore fantasy player, there’s simply nothing like a dynasty league. No longer can the consequences of a bad fantasy decision be confined to a few months. Instead, one wrong move can set your team back several seasons. … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Impact: Cardinals Acquire Marcell Ozuna
By Max Freeze on December, 15th 2017

The Miami Marlins continue to unload their top major league talent and attempt the long process of rebuilding the franchise. On Wednesday, the Marlins traded away Marcell Ozuna, their third All-Star caliber player to go within the last eight days. … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Impact: Mariners Acquire Dee Gordon
By Max Freeze on December, 13th 2017

Last week Dee Gordon was traded to the Seattle Mariners along with $1 million in international slot money for three prospects from the Marlins: Pitcher Nick Neidert, Shortstop Chris Torres, and Pitcher Robert Dugger. Neidert, 21, has the highest ceiling … read more »

Fantasy Football Trade Values: Week 12
By Dan Harris on November, 22nd 2017

Well, friends, this is it. Our final trade value article of the season. Somehow, without warning, our fantasy football regular season has reached its end, and the trade deadline in nearly every league has passed or is upon us. Hopefully, … read more »

Fantasy Football Trade Values: Week 11
By Dan Harris on November, 15th 2017

As we were finishing watching a DVR’ed episode of Jeopardy! tonight, and I was basking in my ability to correctly identify The Karate Kid as the movie containing the lines “sweep the leg” and “get him a body bag,” I … read more »

10 Players to Trade Before the Deadline (Fantasy Football)
By FantasyPros Staff on November, 9th 2017

For many leagues out there, this is the final week for you to try and improve your team via trades. Now obviously, all moves are dependent on your individual league’s rosters and tendencies, but when it comes to knowing which … read more »

Fantasy Football Trade Values: Week 10
By Dan Harris on November, 8th 2017

We’re hitting that time of the year where the playoff picture is starting to take shape. We’re through the huge bye-pocalypses (bye-nados? bye-opical storms?), and now it’s all about finishing strong. This is the time when owners who look good … read more »