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Justin Roberts


After many years of playing fantasy sports, I have taken the initiative to launch my own website to offer managers a way to compete against one another to determine the best of the best within their own leagues and other leagues. In my home league, I have published a record book with stats and honors for best managers within our league. During this process countless hours have been spent on interpreting data and communicating that data through literature and verbal communication. This is where I have been an analyst at best. I have created my own rankings for some time now and communicate those with our leagues. I must say, that as a stats focused guy, I lean on the consistency and what HAS happened versus the potential of what CAN happen. You need to have a mind for both to be successful when completing rankings and projections, but historical results are the best indication of future production, in my mind. Thank you for all you do to add and elevate the fantasy experience. My appreciation for fantasypros is of great respect and admiration. You are a team, i'd like to be apart of. Thank you and have a great day!

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