Who Should I Draft?

Jesus Aguilar or Andrew McCutchen (2019)

Experts' Pick
  Jesus Aguilar
1B - TB
Jesus Aguilar
Andrew McCutchen
Andrew McCutchen
Recommended by
38 of 59 experts
Recommended by
21 of 59 experts
ECR# 55# 65
Best Rank# 28# 31
Worst Rank# 192# 91
Composite# 78# 130
Best Rank# 75# 93
Worst Rank# 85# 142
Home Runs3124
Stolen Bases011
Batting Average.260.263
Injury AlertMiLBIL60
Expert Ranks 
Andy Behrens
Yahoo! Sports
# 44# 58
Staff Rankings
FullTime Fantasy
# 29# 73
Brad Richter
# 35# 71
Michael Beller
The Athletic
# 66# 75
Alan Harrison
The Fantasy Fix
# 42# 72
Steve Gardner
USA Today
# 61# 87
Site Projections
# 52# 91
Grey Albright
# 51# 72
Greg Smith
The Fake Baseball
# 45# 61
Beast Dome
# 28# 62
Al Melchior
The Athletic
# 35# 83
Scott White
CBS Sports
# 60# 78
Heath Cummings
CBS Sports
# 52# 62
Dalton Del Don
Yahoo! Sports
# 57# 66
Nando Di Fino
The Athletic
# 66# 86
Dave McKay
The Fantasy Sports Brain
# 56# 71
Andrew Gould
# 60# 69
Joe Bond
Fantasy Six Pack
# 53# 70
Chris Meaney
The Athletic
# 44# 56
Heath Capps
Fake Teams
# 53# 66
Andrea LaMont
Lenny Melnick Fantasy Sports
# 43# 83
Paul Sporer
# 41# 43
Nick Pollack
Pitcher List
# 63# 81
Bill Dubiel
# 60# 77
Nick Mariano
# 75# 81
Justin Mason
# 59# 66
Tyler Thompson
Fantasy Six Pack
# 59# 70
Donkey Teeth
# 44# 74
Max Freeze
Freeze Stats
# 55# 62
Brandon 'B_Don' Myers
# 65# 71
Dennis Sosic
Fantasy Six Pack
# 63# 66
Jacob Gibbs
# 57# 78
Bart Wheeler
Hail to Fantasy Football
# 38# 88
Michael Petropoulos
BRoto Fantasy
# 39# 82
Jason Petropoulos
BRoto Fantasy
# 36# 81
Ariel Cohen
# 61# 65
Austin Bristow II
Pitcher List
# 52# 83
Todd D Clark
The Fantasy Fix
# 56# 77
Bobby Sylvester
# 54# 31
Scott Pianowski
Yahoo! Sports
# 54# 47
Wayne Bretsky
# 58# 52
Eno Sarris
The Athletic
# 60# 56
Pierre Camus
# 65# 59
Jason Johnson
Understanding Fantasy Baseball
# 65# 49
Luke Gloeckner
Mr. Cheatsheet
# 65# 53
Dan Harris
# 66# 56
Justin Klein
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# 66# 62
Joe E Gentile
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# 67# 54
Andrew Seifter
# 68# 39
Brandon Funston
The Athletic
# 68# 64
Jeff Boggis
Fantasy Football Empire
# 71# 60
Andy Singleton
Expand The Boxscore
# 73# 58
Kyle Richardson
The Fantasy Headliners
# 75# 67
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# 76# 45
Mick Ciallela
# 79# 54
Jake Ciely
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# 88# 44
Rudy Gamble
# 89# 35
Tim Young
Brewer Rat
# 132# 73
Mario Mergola
# 192# 72
  Jesus Aguilar
1B - TB
Jesus Aguilar
Andrew McCutchen
Andrew McCutchen
2018 Stats 
At Bats492569
Home Runs3520
Stolen Bases014
Caught Stealing09
Batting Average.274.255
On Base Pct.352.368
Slugging Pct.539.424
On-base Plus Slugging.890.792
  Jesus Aguilar
1B - TB
Jesus Aguilar
Andrew McCutchen
Andrew McCutchen
2019 Projections 
At Bats520540
Home Runs3124
Stolen Bases011
Caught Stealing06
Batting Average.260.263
On Base Pct.330.357
Slugging Pct.492.456
On-base Plus Slugging.822.813
  Jesus Aguilar
1B - TB
Jesus Aguilar
Andrew McCutchen
Andrew McCutchen
 Jesus Aguilar hit a two-run homer in his only at-bat in Tuesday's loss to the Dodgers.
John Aubin
Wed, Sep 18th
Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen tore his ACL in Monday's game against the San Diego and is out for the season, according to Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb.
Mike Maher
Tue, Jun 4th
 Jesus Aguilar went 2-for-4 with a solo home run and another RBI in Friday's victory over the Angels.
John Aubin
Sat, Sep 14th
Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen appeared to injure his knee during a rundown in the first inning of Monday’s game against the San Diego Padres. He was replaced by the recently-acquired Jay Bruce.
Mike Maher
Mon, Jun 3rd
 Jesus Aguilar went 1-for-3 with a three-run home run Friday against the Indians.
John Aubin
Sat, Aug 31st
Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen went 1-for-4 with a solo home run in Friday's loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The homer was his 10th of the season.
Mike Maher
Sat, Jun 1st
 Jesus Aguilar went 2-for-4 with a solo home run, two total RBI and two runs scored in Sunday's win over the Marlins.
John Aubin
Sun, Aug 4th
Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen went 1-for-1 with a two-run home run, three walks, two RBIs, and four runs scored in Wednesday’s win over the Cardinals. The homer was his ninth of the season.
Mike Maher
Thu, May 30th
 Jesus Aguilar went 2-for-3 and scored two runs against the Red Sox in his first game as a Ray on Thursday.
John Aubin
Fri, Aug 2nd
Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen went 1-for-4 with a solo home run and a walk in Saturday's win over the Brewers. The homer was his eighth of the season.
Mike Maher
Sun, May 26th
 After hitting .265 with 16 HRs in 279 at-bats in 2017, Aguilar got the chance to be a full-time player in 2018, and took advantage to the sweet tune of a .274/80/35/108 line that made him a top-three first baseman in standard 5x5 roto leagues. Aguilar is a zero on the base paths and he strikes out too much to be of much help in batting average, either, but the power is very real and his run production numbers should continue to be excellent in a loaded lineup and great home park. Call Aguilar a HR/RBI specialist if you must, but at least recognize that he is one of the better HR/RBI specialists in the game.
Andrew Seifter - FantasyPros
McCutchen's strikeout rate has grown and his batting averaged has dipped over the last few seasons, but he has continued to be a very reliable source of 20+ homers, 10+ SBs, and solid run and RBI totals. Now, at age 32, he is finally set to play a full season in a hitter's park while surrounded by a potent lineup. McCutchen's numbers may fluctuate a bit based on where he ends up hitting in the lineup, but it's not unreasonable to expect his power and run production numbers to trend upward a bit in the best hitting environment of his long career.
Andrew Seifter - FantasyPros
 Aguilar is currently being drafted ahead of players like Scooter Gennett, Eddie Rosario, Justin Upton, Josh Donaldson, and A.J. Pollock. He may have put together a great first half, but once pitchers built a book on him, his last 60 games saw him hit just .245 with 27 homers. His consensus projections aren't much higher, at 30 homers and a .258 batting average. You can find production like that off the waiver wire at first base, and while there is a chance he returns to first-half form, you may be better off waiting 170 picks and grabbing a similar player like C.J. Cron.
Bobby Sylvester - FantasyPros
Even in a down year, McCutchen reached 20 homers for the eighth straight season and stole double-digit bases (14) for the ninth time in 10 MLB campaigns. He played most of 2018 in San Francisco's extreme pitcher park, so the power slide may be a matter of his surroundings rather than old age. When moving to the far friendlier Yankee Stadium, his slugging percentage boosted from .415 to .471. He picked another nice venue in Philadelphia, where he should bat at the top or heart of a revamped lineup that also added Jean Segura, J.T. Realmuto, and Bryce Harper. He's still a bargain going well after the top 100, so pounce now before Harper's signing drives up the price.
Andrew Gould - FantasyPros
 Aguilar's breakout may have seemed to come out of nowhere, but it was only the playing time that was particularly surprising. After slugging .505 in a short-end platoon role in 2017, he supplanted Eric Thames to pop 35 homers with a 134 wRC+ in a full-time role. All the hard hits and a high launch angle say the power is legit, but his contract skills don't support a .274 hitter. Drafters are naturally dubious of playing for a late bloomer's career year, but Milwaukee's starting first baseman shouldn't fall off a cliff entirely. He should at least remain good for a .250, 30-homer campaign.
Andrew Gould - FantasyPros
McCutchen might not be that first round pick he once was when we were getting 30 homers, 20 steals and a .320 batting average, but he is still a plenty capable fantasy asset. He is as durable as they come and has managed 20+ homers in 8 straight seasons. Not only that. but he still steals double-digit bags per year and is moving into by far the best ballpark of his career so don't be surprised if we get a resurgence.
Bobby Sylvester - FantasyPros