Who Should I Draft?

Joey Votto or Joey Gallo (2019)

Experts' Pick
  Joey Votto
1B - CIN
Joey Votto
Joey Gallo
Joey Gallo
Recommended by
47 of 59 experts
Recommended by
12 of 59 experts
ECR# 36# 58
Best Rank# 22# 30
Worst Rank# 85# 130
Composite# 52# 99
Best Rank# 46# 88
Worst Rank# 67# 110
Home Runs2241
Stolen Bases45
Batting Average.292.219
Injury Alert-IL60
Expert Ranks 
Brandon Funston
The Athletic
# 49# 91
Andy Behrens
Yahoo! Sports
# 41# 55
Scott Pianowski
Yahoo! Sports
# 35# 66
Staff Rankings
FullTime Fantasy
# 28# 56
Brad Richter
# 56# 58
Michael Beller
The Athletic
# 34# 79
Alan Harrison
The Fantasy Fix
# 28# 55
Steve Gardner
USA Today
# 40# 63
Site Projections
# 39# 107
Tim Young
Brewer Rat
# 28# 44
Jeff Boggis
Fantasy Football Empire
# 39# 56
Eno Sarris
The Athletic
# 41# 51
Scott White
CBS Sports
# 36# 51
Heath Cummings
CBS Sports
# 35# 43
Dalton Del Don
Yahoo! Sports
# 40# 41
Nando Di Fino
The Athletic
# 47# 55
Luke Gloeckner
Mr. Cheatsheet
# 48# 49
Dave McKay
The Fantasy Sports Brain
# 34# 63
Andrew Gould
# 38# 78
Wayne Bretsky
# 32# 77
Chris Meaney
The Athletic
# 35# 75
Heath Capps
Fake Teams
# 41# 78
Andrea LaMont
Lenny Melnick Fantasy Sports
# 30# 73
Justin Klein
The Fake Baseball
# 27# 67
Mario Mergola
# 22# 100
Paul Sporer
# 29# 60
Nick Pollack
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# 45# 78
Bill Dubiel
# 33# 66
Justin Mason
# 30# 60
Tyler Thompson
Fantasy Six Pack
# 39# 62
Jason Johnson
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# 53# 59
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# 42# 70
Dan Harris
# 34# 38
Pierre Camus
# 48# 67
Andrew Seifter
# 36# 70
Max Freeze
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# 33# 51
Kyle Richardson
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# 36# 57
Dennis Sosic
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# 36# 67
Jacob Gibbs
# 31# 49
Bart Wheeler
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# 28# 53
Mick Ciallela
# 39# 52
Michael Petropoulos
BRoto Fantasy
# 41# 77
Jason Petropoulos
BRoto Fantasy
# 32# 130
Joe E Gentile
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# 32# 96
Ariel Cohen
# 44# 58
Austin Bristow II
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# 51# 55
Todd D Clark
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# 30# 63
Bobby Sylvester
# 40# 30
Nick Mariano
# 43# 38
Al Melchior
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# 44# 32
Joe Bond
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# 46# 44
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# 49# 44
Andy Singleton
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# 51# 50
Greg Smith
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# 51# 43
Jake Ciely
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# 54# 42
Brandon 'B_Don' Myers
# 60# 43
Rudy Gamble
# 74# 49
Beast Dome
# 77# 76
Grey Albright
# 85# 44
  Joey Votto
1B - CIN
Joey Votto
Joey Gallo
Joey Gallo
2018 Stats 
At Bats503500
Home Runs1240
Stolen Bases23
Caught Stealing04
Batting Average.284.206
On Base Pct.417.312
Slugging Pct.420.498
On-base Plus Slugging.837.810
  Joey Votto
1B - CIN
Joey Votto
Joey Gallo
Joey Gallo
2019 Projections 
At Bats522498
Home Runs2241
Stolen Bases45
Caught Stealing13
Batting Average.292.219
On Base Pct.413.322
Slugging Pct.482.523
On-base Plus Slugging.895.845
  Joey Votto
1B - CIN
Joey Votto
Joey Gallo
Joey Gallo
 Joey Votto went 2-for-4 with a two-run home run Friday against Arizona.
Connor Rooney
Sat, Sep 14th
Joey Gallo (wrist) was placed on the 60-day injured list Friday.
Brad Camara
Sat, Sep 21st
 Joey Votto went 3-for-4 with a double, a walk, three runs scored and a stolen base in Thursday’s 11-5 win over the Mariners.
Brad Camara
Fri, Sep 13th
Joey Gallo (wrist) is unlikely to play in the Rangers' upcoming weekend series against the A's, and may not ultimately return this season.
Brad Camara
Thu, Sep 19th
 Joey Votto went 3-for-4 with a solo home run, an RBI double, and two runs scored in Wednesday's win over the Phillies.
Connor Rooney
Thu, Sep 5th
Joey Gallo (wrist) is expected to come off the injured list September 20th.
Brad Camara
Thu, Sep 12th
 Joey Votto went 2-for-4 with a solo home run in the Reds' game two loss to the Cardinals on Saturday night.
Connor Rooney
Sun, Sep 1st
Joey Gallo will have to undergo surgery to repair a broken hamate bone in his wrist.
Brendan Tuma - Too Much Tuma
Thu, Jul 25th
 Joey Votto (back) was activated from the 10-day injured list ahead of Tuesday's game against the Marlins. He batted second and went 0-for-5 with two strikeouts.
Connor Rooney
Wed, Aug 28th
Joey Gallo (wrist) will likely require a stint on the injured list, and the Rangers are concerned that he may have a broken hamate bone.
Brad Camara
Wed, Jul 24th
 Votto did not return second round value or even close to it last year, but his ADP should be around the fifth this year. You can expect his batting average to bounceback above .300, and don't forget that he had 94 HRs in the previous three years before his 12 in 2018
Bobby Sylvester - FantasyPros
Gallo has reached 40 HRs in each of his two full Major League seasons, and will enter 2019 as one of the best pure power hitters in the game. Unfortunately, that power comes attached to a .203 career batting average, meaning that fantasy owners who draft Gallo in standard 5x5 formats will need to either punt batting average or make a concerted effort to offset the damage he'll do there. Whether you draft Gallo or not is largely a matter of roster construction, but expect him to finish right around the top-100 players in terms of overall fantasy value. He does walk quite a bit, giving him a major boost in OBP formats.
Andrew Seifter - FantasyPros
 Votto enters 2019 as one of the bigger mysteries in fantasy baseball, following a season in which he hit just 12 HRs in 145 games and produced a .284 batting average that was 27 points lower than his career .311 mark. Was this an issue of mechanics, injuries, or simply advancing age? Votto believes it was a mechanical issue with his swing that he can fix, but only time will tell. Even in a down year, his prodigious plate discipline remained in tact, so he is sure to remain a major asset in OBP leagues. He's a little riskier in standard 5x5 formats, but first base is shallow and he should bounce back enough to at least remain a decent starter in 12-team leagues. The Miguel Cabrera career path feels like a worst case scenario, and that isn't too bad.
Andrew Seifter - FantasyPros
You may not love the idea of destroying your team's batting average with his .210 line, but you'll be hard-pressed to find 40 homers, and perhaps even 50 from anyone 50 picks early, let alone around the 9th round of drafts. If you combine him with Daniel Murphy in the 5th, you've got two players who combine for a .260 average with 65-70 homers. When you look at it that way, Gallo's value jumps off the page.
Bobby Sylvester - FantasyPros
 Votto, now 35 years old, hit 12 homers last year after clubbing 36 in 2017. At least he maintained his stellar plate approach, tallying more walks (108) than strikeouts (101) while lacing MLB's second-highest line-drive rate (31.4%) behind Freddie Freeman. While still a commendable performer in OBP and points leagues, he'll need a power uptick to justify an early investment in roto and H2H category formats. A modest rise in last year's career-low 9.5% HR/FB rate should at least steer him closer to his .477 xSLG with 20-25 homers. That would make him a worthy bounce-back pick if paired with anything near his career .311 batting average.
Andrew Gould - FantasyPros
Barring a ton of good fortune, drafters should no longer draft Gallo hoping for a spike to even a .230 batting average. With MLB's worst contact rate last season (61.7%), it's no guarantee the career .203 hitter clears the Mendoza Line. He also, however, joined J.D. Martinez and Khris Davis as the only sluggers to belt 40 homers in each of the last two years. It will take a precise roster to tolerate the average liability in applicable leagues, but he's a much better investment in OBP, OPS and/or points leagues.
Andrew Gould - FantasyPros