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Who Should I Draft?

Marcell Ozuna or Josh Bell (2020)

Who Should I Draft? Player Summaries
Experts' Pick
  Marcell Ozuna
Marcell Ozuna
Josh Bell
1B - PIT
Josh Bell
Recommended by
25 of 46 experts
Recommended by
21 of 46 experts
ECR# 50# 56
Best Rank# 28# 29
Worst Rank# 89# 113
Composite# 100# 83
Best Rank# 65# 54
Worst Rank# 111# 94
Home Runs1111
Stolen Bases30
Batting Average.276.276
Injury Alert--
Expert Ranks 
Alan Harrison
The Fantasy Fix
# 50# 73
Site Projections
# 81# 91
Tim Young
Brewer Rat
# 53# 54
Dalton Del Don
Yahoo! Sports
# 36# 40
Fantasy Team Advice
# 37# 42
Dave McKay
The Fantasy Sports Brain
# 53# 57
Chet Gresham
The Fake Baseball
# 52# 63
Chris Meaney
# 52# 69
Heath Capps
Fake Teams
# 46# 60
Mario Mergola
# 32# 113
Mark Ross
Athlon Sports
# 53# 58
Nick Mariano
# 38# 54
Bobby Sylvester
# 45# 48
Jason Johnson
Understanding Fantasy Baseball
# 46# 68
Andrew Seifter
# 34# 47
Max Freeze
Freeze Stats
# 45# 58
Michael Petropoulos
BRoto Fantasy
# 33# 48
Ariel Cohen
# 35# 42
Ryan Amore
Pitcher List
# 29# 61
Todd D Clark
The Fantasy Fix
# 43# 54
Carmen Maiorano
# 28# 59
Sean Zerillo
The Action Network
# 43# 49
George Kurtz
# 48# 57
Nate Miller
# 46# 65
Chris Mitchell
# 57# 59
Pierre Camus
# 41# 29
Andy Singleton
Expand The Boxscore
# 48# 46
Joe Bond
Fantasy Six Pack
# 54# 53
Jeff Boggis
Fantasy Football Empire
# 55# 47
Jacob W. Dunne
New Life Fantasy
# 57# 50
Bill Dubiel
# 57# 49
Tyler Thompson
Fantasy Six Pack
# 57# 50
Greg Smith
The Fake Baseball
# 57# 56
Nick Pollack
Pitcher List
# 59# 49
Andrew Gould
# 61# 49
Dennis Sosic
Fantasy Six Pack
# 61# 53
Staff Rankings
Roto Ranks
# 62# 47
Scott Pianowski
Yahoo! Sports
# 63# 53
Donkey Teeth
# 63# 58
Andrea LaMont
Lenny Melnick Fantasy Sports
# 63# 37
Brendan Tuma
# 63# 52
Steve Gardner
USA Today
# 67# 63
Matt Brandon
Matt Brandon
# 67# 40
Dan Harris
# 72# 55
Staff Rankings
FullTime Fantasy
# 83# 39
Andy Behrens
Yahoo! Sports
# 89# 86
Who Should I Draft? Player Statistics
  Marcell Ozuna
Marcell Ozuna
Josh Bell
1B - PIT
Josh Bell
2019 Stats 
At Bats485527
Home Runs2937
Stolen Bases120
Caught Stealing21
Batting Average.243.277
On Base Pct.330.367
Slugging Pct.474.569
On-base Plus Slugging.804.936
Who Should I Draft? Player Projections
  Marcell Ozuna
Marcell Ozuna
Josh Bell
1B - PIT
Josh Bell
2020 Projections 
At Bats198194
Home Runs1111
Stolen Bases30
Caught Stealing11
Batting Average.276.276
On Base Pct.343.368
Slugging Pct.494.504
On-base Plus Slugging.837.872
Who Should I Draft? Player Notes
  Marcell Ozuna
Marcell Ozuna
Josh Bell
1B - PIT
Josh Bell
 Andy Slater of Fox Sports 640 South Florida reports that Marcell Ozuna suffered a small facial laceration after this wife allegedly hit him with a soap dish.
Brendan Tuma - Too Much Tuma
Fri, Jun 5th
 New Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna went hitless again on Tuesday and is now 0-for-11 with six strikeouts to start the Spring.
Mike Maher - The Birds Blitz
Tue, Mar 3rd
 Marcell Ozuna agreed to a one-year, $18 million contract with the Braves on Tuesday.
Brad Camara
Tue, Jan 21st
 Marcell Ozuna bet on himself with a one-year contract in Atlanta, and as a fantasy. manager, you should, too. Ozuna was the poster boy for being unlucky in 2019, especially with his BABIP driving down his average. His batted ball data was still fantastic, and he offered double-digit steals, surprisingly. If Ozuna repeats his batted-ball numbers, he'll no longer need to bet on himself with a one-year deal, and you'll see his price surge in 2021 drafts."
Michael Waterloo - FantasyPros
Prior to 2019, Josh Bell's career mimicked that of James Loney, as he was a big first baseman who hit the ball on the ground ... a lot. That's why his 2019 season caught some by surprise because he continued to hit the ball hard, but hew as elevating it now to the tune of 37 home runs. Is it a pop-up year? Well, his numbers declined in the second half of the season, but you could make the argument that they really just leveled off, as is the case when most players put up huge numbers that they typically don't in the first half of the season (a la the home run derby "curse"). Bell has the pedigree - and now the peripherals - to back up the breakout season. At a shallow position, buy-in.
Michael Waterloo - FantasyPros
 Ozuna didn't have a terrible 2019, but his .241 batting average and injuries certainly put a damper on his year. And although he was due for a rebound anyway (his .259 BABIP was preposterously low), moving to the Braves on a one-year deal should be just what the doctor ordered. Not only will he be batting in the middle of an incredible strong lineup. but he'll also be playing in a much more favorable home park. With plenty of motivation as he looks for a multi-year deal, expect a big season from Ozuna.
Dan Harris - FantasyPros
Bell had a true breakout season in 2019, improving drastically in pretty much every measurable category. His increases in exit velocity (2.3 mph), launch angle (3.8 degrees), and barrels per plate appearance (3.8%) showed that his gains were not fluky, and he even recovered from what looked to be a second-half collapse with a .927 OPS in August. The issue for Bell is that even with the improvements, a first baseman who bats .277 and slugs 37 home runs is not blowing the fantasy world away. Buy many of the gains, but don't go crazy on draft day.
Dan Harris - FantasyPros
 Ozuna had a down year thanks to some injuries he played through, but this is still a bat that should hit 35 homers with 100 RBIs in Atlanta's lineup if he can stay healthy throughout the year. In fact, last year he even stole a dozen bases despite missing 30 games.
Bobby Sylvester - FantasyPros
Bell slowed down a ton after the break but was so terrific to start the season that he still finished with 37 homers, 116 RBIs and a .277 batting average. There is potential for more, but considering how he ended the year, perhaps a little risk as well for the price tag.
Bobby Sylvester - FantasyPros
 A steal at current ADP. He hits the ball ridiculously hard and is entering a stacked lineup. Not to mention the handful of SBs he'll get for you. Sign me up.
Michael Petropoulos - BRoto Fantasy
Stopped being fed first pitch fastballs in the second half. He'll need to show he can adjust back to the league
Brendan Tuma - BettingPros
 Has underperformed his Statcast metrics for two straight seasons
Brendan Tuma - BettingPros