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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Nolan Arenado Note
Nolan Arenado photo 6. Nolan Arenado
If only fantasy baseball awarded points for spectacular defensive plays. Alas, you're stuck relying only on Arenado's bat. That ain't half bad - but it's no longer worth overpaying for. In his first season outside of Colorado, the highlight-reel third baseman showed that he can still rake. But as anticipated, his BA, OBP and OPS all dropped. Now on the wrong side of 30, Arenado is realistically a 2.5-category guy. He'll help you in HR and RBI, and he won't hurt you in runs, but let someone else in your league jump on him early based on name recognition. You can get 80 percent of his production from other third basemen three to four rounds later than Arenado is expected to go.
41 weeks ago
Nolan Gorman Note
Nolan Gorman photo 58. Nolan Gorman
Juan Yepez Note
Juan Yepez photo 62. Juan Yepez
Taylor Motter Note
Taylor Motter photo 123. Taylor Motter
Brendan Donovan Note
Brendan Donovan photo 128. Brendan Donovan