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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Willson Contreras Note
Willson Contreras photo 5. Willson Contreras
Contreras isn't quite the fantasy superstar that he looked like he might be when he broke in, but he's still an excellent option at a weak position. He's hit at least 21 homers in three of his last four full seasons and chips in roughly 120 combined runs and RBI. That doesn't sound like much, particularly with a batting average that seems likely to hover at around .240 at this stage in his career, but it's more than enough for a catcher. He should see some extra at-bats this year with the DH in the National League, and that should only help his value.
36 weeks ago
Christian Vazquez Note
Christian Vazquez photo 11. Christian Vazquez
Vazquez's power fell off a cliff last year, as his barrel percentage and hard-hit rate plummeted to some of the worst in the league. He's 31 years old now, about the time that a catcher begins to head downhill, so expecting a rebound is probably overly optimistic. He'll likely still have decent runs and RBI for a catcher just by virtue of playing for the Red Sox, but he's no longer someone to draft as your starting backstop in a one-catcher league.
35 weeks ago
Gary Sanchez Note
Gary Sanchez photo 12. Gary Sanchez
Omar Narvaez Note
Omar Narvaez photo 14. Omar Narvaez
Mike Zunino Note
Mike Zunino photo 16. Mike Zunino
Yadier Molina Note
Yadier Molina photo 20. Yadier Molina
Jorge Alfaro Note
Jorge Alfaro photo 27. Jorge Alfaro
Tucker Barnhart Note
Tucker Barnhart photo 29. Tucker Barnhart
Luis Torrens Note
Luis Torrens photo 32. Luis Torrens
Roberto Perez Note
Roberto Perez photo 36. Roberto Perez
Pedro Severino Note
Pedro Severino photo 39. Pedro Severino
Kurt Suzuki Note
Kurt Suzuki photo 47. Kurt Suzuki
Jason Castro Note
Jason Castro photo 50. Jason Castro
Austin Hedges Note
Austin Hedges photo 51. Austin Hedges
Dom Nunez Note
Dom Nunez photo 52. Dom Nunez
Robinson Chirinos Note
Robinson Chirinos photo 54. Robinson Chirinos
Kevin Plawecki Note
Kevin Plawecki photo 56. Kevin Plawecki
Curt Casali Note
Curt Casali photo 57. Curt Casali
Aramis Garcia Note
Aramis Garcia photo 61. Aramis Garcia
Stephen Vogt Note
Stephen Vogt photo 65. Stephen Vogt
Carlos Martinez Note
Carlos Martinez photo 67. Carlos Martinez
Wilson Ramos Note
Wilson Ramos photo 68. Wilson Ramos
Sandy Leon Note
Sandy Leon photo 72. Sandy Leon
Andrew Knapp Note
Andrew Knapp photo 73. Andrew Knapp
Willians Astudillo Note
Willians Astudillo photo 74. Willians Astudillo
Cam Gallagher Note
Cam Gallagher photo 78. Cam Gallagher
Dustin Garneau Note
Dustin Garneau photo 83. Dustin Garneau
Austin Romine Note
Austin Romine photo 84. Austin Romine
Jose Godoy Note
Jose Godoy photo 91. Jose Godoy
Drew Butera Note
Drew Butera photo 98. Drew Butera
Sebastian Rivero Note
Sebastian Rivero photo 100. Sebastian Rivero
Jose Lobaton Note
Jose Lobaton photo 103. Jose Lobaton
Taylor Davis Note
Taylor Davis photo 104. Taylor Davis
Guillermo Quiroz Note
Guillermo Quiroz photo 106. Guillermo Quiroz
Collin Theroux Note
Collin Theroux photo 115. Collin Theroux
Meibrys Viloria Note
Meibrys Viloria photo 117. Meibrys Viloria
Jack Kruger Note
Jack Kruger photo 121. Jack Kruger
Alex Avila Note
Alex Avila photo 123. Alex Avila
Jose Briceno Note
Jose Briceno photo 124. Jose Briceno
David Freitas Note
David Freitas photo 127. David Freitas
Francisco Pena Note
Francisco Pena photo 129. Francisco Pena
Tyler Heineman Note
Tyler Heineman photo 130. Tyler Heineman