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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Eugenio Suarez Note
Eugenio Suarez photo 45. Eugenio Suarez 3B
Few hitters benefited as much from the postponement of the season as did Suarez, whose shoulder woes made his availability for Opening Day questionable. He'll now likely be at or close to full strength when the season begins. Whether he can repeat his near-50 homer performance is another question (he likely can't), but you should draft him as you would few to no health concerns.
26 weeks ago
Nick Castellanos Note
Nick Castellanos photo 56. Nick Castellanos RF
Castellanos' numbers were continually deflated batting in the middle of a bad Tigers lineup and in a home park that greatly depressed power numbers. A move to Cincinnati should be just what the doctor ordered, and allow Castellanos to continue to build on his monster finish with the Cubs last year. While he may not hit the 50 homers he was on pace for with the Cubs or total the same 1.000 OPS, his numbers should look much closer to his 2019 second half than his first.
26 weeks ago
Mike Moustakas Note
Mike Moustakas photo 69. Mike Moustakas 2B,3B,1B
Nick Senzel Note
Nick Senzel photo 131. Nick Senzel CF
Joey Votto Note
Joey Votto photo 136. Joey Votto 1B,DH
Shogo Akiyama Note
Shogo Akiyama photo 157. Shogo Akiyama CF,LF
Akiyama should represent a fairly high-floor outfield option that you can get at a bargain basement price. He'll likely bat leadoff for the Reds, potentially hit 20 home runs and steal 10 bases, and pile on the runs scored. There's no Shohei Ohtani upside with the bat, particularly given Akiyama's age, but he'll likely be a decent five-category contributor who is basically free in drafts.
26 weeks ago
Aristides Aquino Note
Aristides Aquino photo 161. Aristides Aquino RF,LF
Jesse Winker Note
Jesse Winker photo 196. Jesse Winker LF,CF,RF,DH
Tucker Barnhart Note
Tucker Barnhart photo 275. Tucker Barnhart C
Brian Goodwin Note
Brian Goodwin photo 291. Brian Goodwin LF,CF,RF
Curt Casali Note
Curt Casali photo 326. Curt Casali C
Mark Payton Note
Mark Payton photo 329. Mark Payton LF
Jose Garcia Note
Jose Garcia photo 482. Jose Garcia SS
Kyle Farmer Note
Kyle Farmer photo 483. Kyle Farmer 2B,SS
Tyler Stephenson Note
Tyler Stephenson photo 504. Tyler Stephenson C
Ryan Lavarnway Note
Ryan Lavarnway photo 570. Ryan Lavarnway C
Alex Blandino Note
Alex Blandino photo 598. Alex Blandino 2B
Jonathan India Note
Jonathan India photo 722. Jonathan India 3B
Matt Davidson Note
Matt Davidson photo 789. Matt Davidson 1B,DH,RP
Christian Colon Note
Christian Colon photo 803. Christian Colon 2B