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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Nolan Jones Note
Nolan Jones photo 41. Nolan Jones LF,RF
Nolan Jones made a significant impact in the 2023 season, showcasing his power and speed as a 20/20 player in Colorado. With an impressive .297/.389/.542 slash line and a strong Barrel% of 15.7, Jones is a reliable source of power and on-base ability (xwOBACON .475). However, his high .401 BABIP suggests his batting average might decline. Despite a high strikeout rate around 30%, Jones's combination of power, walks, and 15-20 stolen bases, especially in Coors Field, makes him a valuable fantasy asset, albeit with a potential downside in batting average.
4 weeks ago
Ezequiel Tovar Note
Ezequiel Tovar photo 111. Ezequiel Tovar SS
Ryan McMahon Note
Ryan McMahon photo 147. Ryan McMahon 2B,3B
Kris Bryant Note
Kris Bryant photo 156. Kris Bryant RF,DH
Charlie Blackmon Note
Charlie Blackmon photo 198. Charlie Blackmon RF,DH
Brendan Rodgers Note
Brendan Rodgers photo 202. Brendan Rodgers 2B
Elias Diaz Note
Elias Diaz photo 219. Elias Diaz C
Brenton Doyle Note
Brenton Doyle photo 223. Brenton Doyle CF
Elehuris Montero Note
Elehuris Montero photo 249. Elehuris Montero 1B
Sean Bouchard Note
Sean Bouchard photo 282. Sean Bouchard RF
Hunter Goodman Note
Hunter Goodman photo 306. Hunter Goodman 1B,RF
Jordan Beck Note
Jordan Beck photo 399. Jordan Beck LF,CF,RF
Jacob Stallings Note
Jacob Stallings photo 449. Jacob Stallings C
Michael Toglia Note
Michael Toglia photo 450. Michael Toglia 1B,RF
Jake Cave Note
Jake Cave photo 451. Jake Cave 1B,LF,RF
Adael Amador Note
Adael Amador photo 506. Adael Amador 2B,SS
Sam Hilliard Note
Sam Hilliard photo 510. Sam Hilliard CF
Zac Veen Note
Zac Veen photo 529. Zac Veen LF,RF
Coco Montes Note
Coco Montes photo 546. Coco Montes 2B
Drew Romo Note
Drew Romo photo 548. Drew Romo C
Alan Trejo Note
Alan Trejo photo 557. Alan Trejo 2B,3B
Sterlin Thompson Note
Sterlin Thompson photo 615. Sterlin Thompson
Aaron Schunk Note
Aaron Schunk photo 682. Aaron Schunk 2B,3B
Julio Carreras Note
Julio Carreras photo 696. Julio Carreras SS
Greg Jones Note
Greg Jones photo 710. Greg Jones SS,CF
Jimmy Herron Note
Jimmy Herron photo 725. Jimmy Herron
Hunter Stovall Note
Hunter Stovall photo 768. Hunter Stovall