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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Luis Robert Jr. Note
Luis Robert Jr. photo 26. Luis Robert Jr. CF
In 2023, Luis Robert Jr. finally delivered on his potential, playing 145 games and hitting .264 with 38 homers, 20 steals, 90 runs, and 80 RBIs. Despite Chicago's weak lineup, Robert's performance was a bright spot, showcasing his power-speed blend vital for fantasy outfielders. His limited walks (5.0 BB%) and injury history remain concerns, but his healthy season boosts his draft appeal for 2024.
9 weeks ago
Eloy Jimenez Note
Eloy Jimenez photo 114. Eloy Jimenez DH
Eloy Jimenez presents a mixed bag for fantasy managers. In 2023, he managed 120 appearances, his highest since 2019, with a .272 average and 18 homers. However, limited playing time in a struggling White Sox team capped his runs at 50 and RBIs at 64. Despite projections hinting at a power uptick in 2024, concerns linger. His xSLG stood at a modest .421, and he's yet to exceed 121 games in a season. Plus, he's now only DH-eligible, raising several caution flags for fantasy selection.
9 weeks ago
Andrew Vaughn Note
Andrew Vaughn photo 134. Andrew Vaughn 1B
Tommy Pham Note
Tommy Pham photo 188. Tommy Pham LF,DH,CF,RF
Andrew Benintendi Note
Andrew Benintendi photo 189. Andrew Benintendi LF
Yoan Moncada Note
Yoan Moncada photo 209. Yoan Moncada 3B
Paul DeJong Note
Paul DeJong photo 328. Paul DeJong SS
Dominic Fletcher Note
Dominic Fletcher photo 342. Dominic Fletcher CF,RF
Oscar Colas Note
Oscar Colas photo 356. Oscar Colas RF
Colson Montgomery Note
Colson Montgomery photo 357. Colson Montgomery SS
Nicky Lopez Note
Nicky Lopez photo 360. Nicky Lopez 2B,3B
Gavin Sheets Note
Gavin Sheets photo 362. Gavin Sheets 1B,RF,DH
Martin Maldonado Note
Martin Maldonado photo 417. Martin Maldonado C
Korey Lee Note
Korey Lee photo 453. Korey Lee C
Jared Walsh Note
Jared Walsh photo 458. Jared Walsh 1B
Max Stassi Note
Max Stassi photo 459. Max Stassi C
Lenyn Sosa Note
Lenyn Sosa photo 496. Lenyn Sosa 2B
Corey Julks Note
Corey Julks photo 498. Corey Julks LF
Bryan Ramos Note
Bryan Ramos photo 524. Bryan Ramos 3B
Braden Shewmake Note
Braden Shewmake photo 545. Braden Shewmake 2B,SS
Danny Mendick Note
Danny Mendick photo 652. Danny Mendick 2B,3B
Zach Remillard Note
Zach Remillard photo 660. Zach Remillard 2B
Zach DeLoach Note
Zach DeLoach photo 681. Zach DeLoach RF
Rafael Ortega Note
Rafael Ortega photo 687. Rafael Ortega LF,CF
Tim Elko Note
Tim Elko photo 757. Tim Elko