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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Mookie Betts Note
Mookie Betts photo 4. Mookie Betts 2B,SS,RF
Mookie Betts, at 30, continues to be an elite asset in fantasy baseball with a .307/.408/.579 slash line, 39 homers, 126 runs, and 107 RBIs in 2023. Though his 14 stolen bases are modest, Betts compensates with power and a superb eye, boasting a 13.9% walk rate and an elite 15.4% strikeout rate. He continued to be durable, playing in 152 games with 693 plate appearances. As Betts ages, expect a trade-off of speed for power, yet with a sustained high average. The Dodgers' strong lineup bolsters him, and his multi-position eligibility makes him a dependable, Top-6 fantasy asset.
3 weeks ago
Freddie Freeman Note
Freddie Freeman photo 8. Freddie Freeman 1B
Freddie Freeman has established himself as an irreplaceable cornerstone for the Dodgers, entering 2024 as one of baseball's most consistent and elite performers. At 34, he's defying age-related expectations, showcasing a blend of power, skill, and speed rarely seen at his position. In 2023, Freeman delivered an elite .334 batting average while driving in 101 runs and smashing 28 home runs. He also reached the milestone of 200 hits for the first time in his career. His season was filled with career highs, including 21 stolen bases, 125 runs scored, and 56 doubles, nearing the first 60-double season in the majors since 1936. Heading into 2024, Freddie Freeman isn't just an asset for the Dodgers; he's a fantasy baseball gem, offering a rare mix of average, power, and speed. He should be the first 1B off the board.
3 weeks ago
Shohei Ohtani Note
Shohei Ohtani photo 18. Shohei Ohtani
Shohei Ohtani remains a fantasy giant, even if he is only a hitter in 2024. Despite playing for an underwhelming Angels team, he delivered 95 RBIs, 102 runs, 44 homers, and 20 steals in 135 games. His recovery from an elbow injury should mirror Bryce Harper's successful return, indicating minimal impact on his elite performance. Statcast ranks Ohtani in the top 98th percentile for batting run value, leading in barrel percentage, exit velocity, and expected slugging. The only concern is the trend of players underperforming after big free-agent deals, but Ohtani's exceptional skill set makes him a solid addition to fantasy lineups. There is a chance he could slip to the second round, which boosts his value even higher.
3 weeks ago
Will Smith Note
Will Smith photo 51. Will Smith C
Will Smith has become an Ol' Reliable of the catching position in fantasy baseball. He only played in 126 games, which suppressed his home run total (19) to below 20 for the first time since 2020. Smith hits in the middle of the powerful Dodgers lineup, and his counting stats should continue being boosted because of it. His Statcast hitting profile shows that he excels at patience, though his batting average will hover in the .260 range. Smith should be the third catcher off the board somewhere in the early middle rounds.
3 weeks ago
Teoscar Hernandez Note
Teoscar Hernandez photo 61. Teoscar Hernandez RF
Teoscar Hernandez appeared in 160 games in his season with Seattle, echoing his typical performance. He notched 26 home runs, tallied 93 RBIs, and scored 70 runs. Excelling in hard hits (90th percentile) and a 13.8% barrel rate, Hernandez is expected to maintain a batting average of around .250. Landing in Los Angeles to bat in the middle of that powerhouse lineup, Hernandez suddenly has extremely high upside in counting stats. Beware of the premium that many fantasy managers will put on all 2024 Dodgers, but at the right price, Hernandez can be a high-end OF3.
3 weeks ago
James Outman Note
James Outman photo 97. James Outman LF,CF
In his debut season, James Outman showed early promise before his performance dipped, with a high strikeout rate (31.9%) and modest xBA (.228). While his minor league track record indicates potential for a reduced strikeout rate and a solid OBP, expectations remain cautious for his second year. Outman carries a potential for 20 homers and 15 steals and benefits from playing in a lineup known for its offensive output.
3 weeks ago
Max Muncy Note
Max Muncy photo 98. Max Muncy 3B
Max Muncy will drag down your batting average (career BA .227), and you don't want him in leagues where strikeouts count heavily against you. Those are the two knocks on him, and early drafters are down on him for 2024. Take the discount if it's there. Muncy will bat in the middle of a Top 3 lineup, and he offers a ton of good things to fantasy managers. For instance, he hit 36 home runs last year and is in the 96th percentile in BB% at 14.7. He also scored 95 runs and knocked in 105. If you're looking for a 1B/3B in the 11th round or later, Muncy seems poised to do exactly what he's done every year since he has been with the Dodgers: Get on base and hit home runs. What else do you want?
3 weeks ago
Gavin Lux Note
Gavin Lux photo 177. Gavin Lux 2B,OF
Chris Taylor Note
Chris Taylor photo 236. Chris Taylor 3B,SS,LF
Miguel Vargas Note
Miguel Vargas photo 287. Miguel Vargas 2B
Jason Heyward Note
Jason Heyward photo 297. Jason Heyward CF,RF
Kike Hernandez Note
Kike Hernandez photo 318. Kike Hernandez 1B,2B,3B,SS,LF,CF
Miguel Rojas Note
Miguel Rojas photo 446. Miguel Rojas SS
Austin Barnes Note
Austin Barnes photo 455. Austin Barnes C
Andy Pages Note
Andy Pages photo 518. Andy Pages OF
Josue De Paula Note
Josue De Paula photo 604. Josue De Paula OF
Hunter Feduccia Note
Hunter Feduccia photo 614. Hunter Feduccia C
Taylor Trammell Note
Taylor Trammell photo 621. Taylor Trammell LF
Andre Lipcius Note
Andre Lipcius photo 711. Andre Lipcius 3B
Jonathan Arauz Note
Jonathan Arauz photo 734. Jonathan Arauz 2B,3B
Chris Owings Note
Chris Owings photo 778. Chris Owings 2B,SS