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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Nelson Cruz Note
Nelson Cruz photo 41. Nelson Cruz DH
If you ascribe to the "I'd rather jump off a year too early than too late" philosophy, then you probably haven't been drafting Cruz for the last several years. But if not, then you've not only drafted one of the most underrated fantasy bats in recent memory, but you're probably going to do so again this year. Cruz is back on a one-year deal with the Twins, and he's coming off another utterly dominant season. Fine, his strikeout rate rose again a bit, he didn't hit the ball quite as hard, and he's eligible at utility only. But other than the fact that he will be 41 years old this season, there's nothing in his profile that should cause you to expect significant decline. Prepare to be having the same debate next year, after Crus puts up another 35-homer season this year.
21 hours ago
Byron Buxton Note
Byron Buxton photo 80. Byron Buxton CF
Josh Donaldson Note
Josh Donaldson photo 98. Josh Donaldson 3B
Max Kepler Note
Max Kepler photo 100. Max Kepler RF
Miguel Sano Note
Miguel Sano photo 102. Miguel Sano 1B
Sano has always had one of the worst strikeout rates in the majors, but his 43.9% mark in 2020 was awful even by his standards. That's always the risk with Sano - that his strikeout rate is going to bring his batting average down to close to .200, where he'll almost single-handedly tank you in that category. The upside of course is that he absolutely crushes the ball, as evident by the fact that he was no worse than second in baseball in average exit velocity, hard-hit rate, and barrel rate last year. Sano's contract with the Twins shows they're committed to him, so he should hopefully be beyond concerns of getting sent down to the minors if he struggles. That puts Sano in the high-power, low-average bucket of sluggers, but one who goes much later in drafts than others who will provide similar production.
21 hours ago
Jorge Polanco Note
Jorge Polanco photo 114. Jorge Polanco SS
Polanco has generally been a bit underrated in his career, but the fantasy community seems to have abandoned him in full after 2020. But there's little reason to do so. Polanco should gain second base eligibility quickly this year, as he moves over to accommodate Andrelton Simmons at shortstop. Polanco's quality of contact isn't great, but he rarely strikes out, doesn't hurt you in batting average, and has enough speed to throw in a handful of steals. With soon-to-be multi-position eligibility, he's an ideal bench candidate.
21 hours ago
Mitch Garver Note
Mitch Garver photo 148. Mitch Garver C
Alex Kirilloff Note
Alex Kirilloff photo 177. Alex Kirilloff RF
Kirilloff's bat is probably major-league ready, but since he hasn't yet played above Double-A and his fielding is iffy at best, he's likely to start the year in the minors. But his .317/.365/.498 slash line in his minor league career suggests he'll hit upon his promotion, which will likely be in late-April once the Twins gain a year of control. Even though he's unlikely to begin the year with the big club, draft him on your bench. He'll be an expensive waiver wire pickup if you don't.
21 hours ago
Luis Arraez Note
Luis Arraez photo 202. Luis Arraez 2B
Andrelton Simmons Note
Andrelton Simmons photo 205. Andrelton Simmons SS
Ryan Jeffers Note
Ryan Jeffers photo 240. Ryan Jeffers C
Jake Cave Note
Jake Cave photo 347. Jake Cave CF
Royce Lewis Note
Royce Lewis photo 412. Royce Lewis SS
Willians Astudillo Note
Willians Astudillo photo 449. Willians Astudillo C
Brent Rooker Note
Brent Rooker photo 450. Brent Rooker RF
Nick Gordon Note
Nick Gordon photo 492. Nick Gordon SS
Kyle Garlick Note
Kyle Garlick photo 558. Kyle Garlick LF
Trevor Larnach Note
Trevor Larnach photo 591. Trevor Larnach RF
Travis Blankenhorn Note
Travis Blankenhorn photo 612. Travis Blankenhorn 2B
Rob Refsnyder Note
Rob Refsnyder photo 662. Rob Refsnyder 1B
Tzu-Wei Lin Note
Tzu-Wei Lin photo 688. Tzu-Wei Lin SS