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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Ramon Laureano Note
Ramon Laureano photo 128. Ramon Laureano CF,RF
Laureano has 28 games remaining on his suspension for PEDs, and given the dearth of talent on the A's, most fantasy managers are likely not going to target him during their drafts. But he's one of just a handful of players who are capable of putting up a 25-15 line over the course of a full season, and his eight steals over the first month last year showed how he could likely steal 25 if he really wanted to. There's not a ton to love otherwise about his offensive game, and his batting average probably won't help very much. But if you can deal with his absence for the first month of the season, he'll offer a decent power-speed combo, albeit one without many other helpful stats.
37 weeks ago
Sean Murphy Note
Sean Murphy photo 180. Sean Murphy C,DH
Tony Kemp Note
Tony Kemp photo 248. Tony Kemp 2B,LF
Seth Brown Note
Seth Brown photo 254. Seth Brown RF,LF,1B,CF
Kevin Smith Note
Kevin Smith photo 303. Kevin Smith 3B,SS
Cristian Pache Note
Cristian Pache photo 307. Cristian Pache CF
Sheldon Neuse Note
Sheldon Neuse photo 374. Sheldon Neuse 2B,3B,1B
Brent Rooker Note
Brent Rooker photo 384. Brent Rooker LF
Vimael Machin Note
Vimael Machin photo 515. Vimael Machin SS,3B
Beau Taylor Note
Beau Taylor photo 522. Beau Taylor C
Nick Allen Note
Nick Allen photo 559. Nick Allen SS,2B
Yonny Hernandez Note
Yonny Hernandez photo 562. Yonny Hernandez 3B
Skye Bolt Note
Skye Bolt photo 579. Skye Bolt CF
Ernie Clement Note
Ernie Clement photo 581. Ernie Clement 2B,3B,LF
Billy McKinney Note
Billy McKinney photo 584. Billy McKinney LF,RF,1B
Cody Thomas Note
Cody Thomas photo 585. Cody Thomas LF
Pablo Reyes Note
Pablo Reyes photo 609. Pablo Reyes 3B