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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Juan Soto Note
Juan Soto photo 2. Juan Soto RF
Ahh, the Juan Soto conundrum. Soto is one of the best hitters in baseball. At 23 years old, he's on a Hall of Fame trajectory. His raw power is astounding. But he plays for the suddenly terrible and powerless Washington Nationals. A few years removed from the World Series, the team is now a collection of "That guy is still playing?" and "Never heard of him" types. Soto's HR numbers will be huge, but his R and RBI numbers will take a big hit.
40 weeks ago
Manny Machado Note
Manny Machado photo 15. Manny Machado 3B,DH
It's a shame you don't get points for defense in fantasy baseball, as that would bolster Machado's falling stock. The former perennial top-10 selection is now going in the late second or early third round. Machado will turn 30 this year, and some positive regression seems to be in order. He's still a five-category contributor, and in a loaded Padres lineup, 80/25/80 with 10 SBs should be on the table. But expecting Machado to return to the 35 HR level would be downright delusional.
40 weeks ago
Fernando Tatis Jr. Note
Fernando Tatis Jr. photo 63. Fernando Tatis Jr. SS,RF
A fractured wrist has changed the draft calculus on Tatis Jr., who might be out for as long as three months. It's always taken an iron stomach to draft him and deal with the injury risk. When healthy, he's a multi-category box score stuffer. His counting numbers are so orbital, he's basically a seven-category player ... when he's on the field. Now, you simply can't consider taking him within the first seven rounds.
37 weeks ago
Jake Cronenworth Note
Jake Cronenworth photo 78. Jake Cronenworth 1B,2B,SS
Cronenworth quietly had a very solid season for the Padres, totaling 21 home runs and exactly an .800 OPS. He's not an exciting player - he doesn't have a ton of power or speed and his batting average won't wow you. But he'll bat second for the Padres this year and so you can expect him to challenge the 94 runs scored he totaled last season. He also struck out just 14% of the time last year, which ranked in the top 10% in MLB, so he's unlikely to endure prolonged slumps, and consistent production goes further in today's fantasy landscape than it used to. Add to that his multi-position eligibility and Cronenworth makes an ideal part of any fantasy team, particularly one with daily lineup changes.
37 weeks ago
Trent Grisham Note
Trent Grisham photo 82. Trent Grisham CF
Grisham was . . . fine last year. His 15 homers and 13 steals contributed, particularly given that he missed time with injury. But there just wasn't much to get excited about. There's probably more to be had in the stolen base department, as Grisham ranks in the 91st percentile in sprint speed. And he should bat atop the lineup this year with Fernando Tatis set to miss time. But your best-case scenario is a 20-15 line with a batting average that hurts. That's a startable player in fantasy, but not one you should reach for in drafts.
37 weeks ago
Ha-Seong Kim Note
Ha-Seong Kim photo 228. Ha-Seong Kim 2B,3B,SS
Austin Nola Note
Austin Nola photo 239. Austin Nola C
Luis Campusano Note
Luis Campusano photo 403. Luis Campusano C
Webster Rivas Note
Webster Rivas photo 483. Webster Rivas C
Eguy Rosario Note
Eguy Rosario photo 637. Eguy Rosario SS
Jorge Ona Note
Jorge Ona photo 673. Jorge Ona LF,RF
Domingo Leyba Note
Domingo Leyba photo 713. Domingo Leyba 2B
Luis Liberato Note
Luis Liberato photo 722. Luis Liberato CF
Brett Sullivan Note
Brett Sullivan photo 729. Brett Sullivan C