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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Mallex Smith Note
Mallex Smith photo 47. Mallex Smith
Stolen bases throughout the game are at an all-time low, and yet Smith, who has stolen 86 bases over the past two seasons, doesn't get a whiff until late in drafts. Yes, his average won't help you, he barely contributes any power, he'll likely bat ninth, and he could lose his job. But owners used to fall all over themselves to draft Billy Hamilton because he could single-handedly keep a fantasy team competitive in steals. Smith can do the same, and on a team with nothing to play for, he's likely to run at every possible opportunity.
21 weeks ago
Yasiel Puig Note
Yasiel Puig photo 64. Yasiel Puig
Alex Gordon Note
Alex Gordon photo 121. Alex Gordon
Hunter Pence Note
Hunter Pence photo 128. Hunter Pence
Steven Souza Jr. Note
Steven Souza Jr. photo 134. Steven Souza Jr.
Adam Jones Note
Adam Jones photo 171. Adam Jones
Leonys Martin Note
Leonys Martin photo 176. Leonys Martin
Ben Zobrist Note
Ben Zobrist photo 179. Ben Zobrist
Michael A. Taylor Note
Michael A. Taylor photo 182. Michael A. Taylor
Carlos Gonzalez Note
Carlos Gonzalez photo 194. Carlos Gonzalez
Dariel Alvarez Note
Dariel Alvarez photo 199. Dariel Alvarez
Rajai Davis Note
Rajai Davis photo 205. Rajai Davis
DJ Johnson Note
DJ Johnson photo 219. DJ Johnson
Michael Taylor Note
Michael Taylor photo 226. Michael Taylor
JT Riddle Note
JT Riddle photo 231. JT Riddle
Melky Cabrera Note
Melky Cabrera photo 235. Melky Cabrera
Blake Swihart Note
Blake Swihart photo 241. Blake Swihart
Tim Beckham Note
Tim Beckham photo 246. Tim Beckham
Juan Lagares Note
Juan Lagares photo 248. Juan Lagares
Stevie Wilkerson Note
Stevie Wilkerson photo 265. Stevie Wilkerson
Steve Pearce Note
Steve Pearce photo 266. Steve Pearce
Jacoby Ellsbury Note
Jacoby Ellsbury photo 267. Jacoby Ellsbury
Mason Williams Note
Mason Williams photo 294. Mason Williams
Peter Bourjos Note
Peter Bourjos photo 300. Peter Bourjos
Abiatal Avelino Note
Abiatal Avelino photo 305. Abiatal Avelino
Charlie Tilson Note
Charlie Tilson photo 309. Charlie Tilson
Austin Jackson Note
Austin Jackson photo 315. Austin Jackson
Gorkys Hernandez Note
Gorkys Hernandez photo 321. Gorkys Hernandez
Aaron Altherr Note
Aaron Altherr photo 331. Aaron Altherr
Jose Pirela Note
Jose Pirela photo 332. Jose Pirela
Jake Elmore Note
Jake Elmore photo 335. Jake Elmore
Mac Williamson Note
Mac Williamson photo 336. Mac Williamson
Isaac Galloway Note
Isaac Galloway photo 339. Isaac Galloway
Noel Cuevas Note
Noel Cuevas photo 345. Noel Cuevas
Ryan LaMarre Note
Ryan LaMarre photo 346. Ryan LaMarre
Jim Adduci Note
Jim Adduci photo 347. Jim Adduci
John Andreoli Note
John Andreoli photo 355. John Andreoli
JB Shuck Note
JB Shuck photo 358. JB Shuck
Boog Powell Note
Boog Powell photo 361. Boog Powell
Dustin Peterson Note
Dustin Peterson photo 365. Dustin Peterson
Lonnie Chisenhall Note
Lonnie Chisenhall photo 368. Lonnie Chisenhall
Cory Spangenberg Note
Cory Spangenberg photo 369. Cory Spangenberg
Jose Bautista Note
Jose Bautista photo 370. Jose Bautista
Carlos Gomez Note
Carlos Gomez photo 371. Carlos Gomez
Gerardo Parra Note
Gerardo Parra photo 375. Gerardo Parra
Brandon Guyer Note
Brandon Guyer photo 376. Brandon Guyer