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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Brandon Nimmo Note
Brandon Nimmo photo 43. Brandon Nimmo
Brandon Nimmo stands out as a valuable fantasy asset. Last year, he tallied 24 homers, scored 89 times, knocked in 68 runs, and swiped three bases. Boasting a .274/.363/.466 slash line, he emerges as a top choice in OBP leagues, especially in latter third of the draft. Although his strikeout rate saw a minor increase, his Statcast data confirms his robust capabilities. As an OF4/5, Nimmo is an excellent late-draft addition to strengthen fantasy lineups.
3 weeks ago
Starling Marte Note
Starling Marte photo 50. Starling Marte
J.D. Martinez Note
J.D. Martinez photo 55. J.D. Martinez
Jeff McNeil Note
Jeff McNeil photo 80. Jeff McNeil
Harrison Bader Note
Harrison Bader photo 99. Harrison Bader
Tyrone Taylor Note
Tyrone Taylor photo 142. Tyrone Taylor
DJ Stewart Note
DJ Stewart photo 196. DJ Stewart
Drew Gilbert Note
Drew Gilbert photo 229. Drew Gilbert
Jett Williams Note
Jett Williams photo 260. Jett Williams
Trayce Thompson Note
Trayce Thompson photo 285. Trayce Thompson
Ben Gamel Note
Ben Gamel photo 294. Ben Gamel
Taylor Kohlwey Note
Taylor Kohlwey photo 344. Taylor Kohlwey