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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Aaron Judge Note
Aaron Judge photo 9. Aaron Judge
All rise! His Honor enjoyed a season of reasonably good health in 2021 and posted a career-high .269 BA to go along with 39 HRs, 98 RBI and 89 runs. His 71% contact rate was the best of his career, and naturally his power peripherals were through the roof. No one punishes baseballs quite like Judge. Health is always a concern, and he doesn't run much, but the power skills should age well as this 6-7, 282-pound brute enters his 30s.
31 weeks ago
Giancarlo Stanton Note
Giancarlo Stanton photo 23. Giancarlo Stanton
If he stays relatively healthy, Stanton is probably going to contend for the home run crown. But that's a huge "if," obviously. Stanton enjoyed two relatively healthy seasons in 2018-2019, played 41 combined games in 2019-2020, and managed to play 139 games last year with only one stay on the DL for a quad issue. Statcast numbers show that he's still one of the games top sluggers, and he should have better luck in RBIs and runs than he had last season, when he had 97 and 64, respectively. Stanton doesn't run, but he holds his own in batting average. There's a lot of risk here, particularly with Stanton now well into his 30s, but the lengthy injury history almost guarantees a discount in drafts.
31 weeks ago
Andrew Benintendi Note
Andrew Benintendi photo 53. Andrew Benintendi
Benintendi was the classic "needs a change of scenery" player and got relatively back on track with the Royals. He looked almost identical to the disappointing but absolutely usable version of himself that he showed in 2019, and his underlying rates were nearly identical. He did walk at a career-worst rate but he also got his strikeout rate down under control, and had he avoided injury, he surely would have put up a 20-10 season. There's every reason to expct him to be able to do that again, but expect his other counting stats to remain mediocre with Kansas City's lineup.
28 weeks ago
Harrison Bader Note
Harrison Bader photo 72. Harrison Bader
Bader has always been known as a defensive outfielder, but his offensive game picked up last year. He cut his strikeout rate six points from his career mark and set a career best in home runs (16) and RBI (50), Bader has never had more than 427 plate appearances in a season, but he could easily steal 20 bases if stays healthy, as he ranks in the 97th percentile in sprint speed. Consider him akin to Tommy Pham around his prime in a best-case scenario, and given his ADP, he's a solid investment.
27 weeks ago
Aaron Hicks Note
Aaron Hicks photo 110. Aaron Hicks
Tyler Wade Note
Tyler Wade photo 154. Tyler Wade
Jake Bauers Note
Jake Bauers photo 209. Jake Bauers
Tim Locastro Note
Tim Locastro photo 212. Tim Locastro
Marwin Gonzalez Note
Marwin Gonzalez photo 223. Marwin Gonzalez
Estevan Florial Note
Estevan Florial photo 248. Estevan Florial
Chris Owings Note
Chris Owings photo 263. Chris Owings
Phillip Evans Note
Phillip Evans photo 307. Phillip Evans
Ryan LaMarre Note
Ryan LaMarre photo 314. Ryan LaMarre