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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Bryan Reynolds Note
Bryan Reynolds photo 20. Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds, consistently selected in the 8th or 9th rounds, delivers reliable value in those slots. Though his batting average has dipped below .270 in recent seasons, he maintains steady on-base skills with a potential for over 20 homers annually. His 12 stolen bases last season reflect adaptability to new baserunning rules, offering a well-rounded fantasy profile. After signing an eight-year extension with the Pirates in 2023, Reynolds epitomizes a stable and dependable fantasy option.
17 weeks ago
Jack Suwinski Note
Jack Suwinski photo 54. Jack Suwinski
Jack Suwinski is an extremely late-round pick who offers power in the 25-homer range and can get on base at an above-average clip. He is a liability in batting average and any league in which strikeouts count against you. (He has a K% of 32.2.) There aren't many guys with this type of power near his current ADP of 292, which is where his value lies.
17 weeks ago
Henry Davis Note
Henry Davis photo 66. Henry Davis
Andrew McCutchen Note
Andrew McCutchen photo 122. Andrew McCutchen
Edward Olivares Note
Edward Olivares photo 128. Edward Olivares
Michael A. Taylor Note
Michael A. Taylor photo 139. Michael A. Taylor
Connor Joe Note
Connor Joe photo 175. Connor Joe
Joshua Palacios Note
Joshua Palacios photo 179. Joshua Palacios
Ji Hwan Bae Note
Ji Hwan Bae photo 195. Ji Hwan Bae
Billy McKinney Note
Billy McKinney photo 296. Billy McKinney
Gilberto Celestino Note
Gilberto Celestino photo 324. Gilberto Celestino