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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Fernando Tatis Jr. Note
Fernando Tatis Jr. photo 31. Fernando Tatis Jr.
A fractured wrist has changed the draft calculus on Tatis Jr., who might be out for as long as three months. It's always taken an iron stomach to draft him and deal with the injury risk. When healthy, he's a multi-category box score stuffer. His counting numbers are so orbital, he's basically a seven-category player ... when he's on the field. Now, you simply can't consider taking him within the first seven rounds.
9 weeks ago
Trent Grisham Note
Trent Grisham photo 36. Trent Grisham
Grisham was . . . fine last year. His 15 homers and 13 steals contributed, particularly given that he missed time with injury. But there just wasn't much to get excited about. There's probably more to be had in the stolen base department, as Grisham ranks in the 91st percentile in sprint speed. And he should bat atop the lineup this year with Fernando Tatis set to miss time. But your best-case scenario is a 20-15 line with a batting average that hurts. That's a startable player in fantasy, but not one you should reach for in drafts.
9 weeks ago
Wil Myers Note
Wil Myers photo 78. Wil Myers
Myers couldn't sustain the many gains he made in the shortened 2020 season, but he didn't fall off a cliff entirely. His .256 batting average was his best (other than 2020) since 2016, and he offered 25 combined home runs and steals. The thing is that Myers' strikeout rate rose to 28.2%, but that's a number he can live with if he continued to make the quality of contact we're used to seeing from him. But, he didn't. His hard hit rate and exit velocity fell off a cliff (his 29.8% hard contact rate was one of the worst in baseball). It would seem like an odd decline for Myers, who was just 30 last year, so it may have just been a blip. But, it's worth being cautious before you head into the season assuming he'll bounce back. Given his ADP, however, you won't need to have confidence in him for him to be worth drafting.
8 weeks ago
Jorge Alfaro Note
Jorge Alfaro photo 135. Jorge Alfaro
Jurickson Profar Note
Jurickson Profar photo 138. Jurickson Profar
Matt Beaty Note
Matt Beaty photo 171. Matt Beaty
Brent Rooker Note
Brent Rooker photo 181. Brent Rooker
Nomar Mazara Note
Nomar Mazara photo 195. Nomar Mazara
Shogo Akiyama Note
Shogo Akiyama photo 222. Shogo Akiyama
Jorge Ona Note
Jorge Ona photo 320. Jorge Ona
Luis Liberato Note
Luis Liberato photo 329. Luis Liberato
Brett Sullivan Note
Brett Sullivan photo 333. Brett Sullivan