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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Mike Yastrzemski Note
Mike Yastrzemski photo 76. Mike Yastrzemski
Yastrzemski couldn't replicate his 2020 pace, though he did hit 25 home runs and total 155 combined runs and RBI. His batting average plummeted to just .224 (and his .222 xBA, one of the worst in the league, showed that number was earned), as pitchers continued their trends of throwing him fewer and fewer fastballs and more off-speed offerings.He performed terribly against non-fastballs last year, which led to a ridiculously low .254 BABIP, which was way out of character for him. Yastrzemski needs to adjust, but the good news is that the power he's shown appears to be real, and his counting stats should stay afloat batting in a strong San Francisco lineup. But until or unless he can improve against off-speed pitches, he'll likely struggle with batting average.
36 weeks ago
Joc Pederson Note
Joc Pederson photo 88. Joc Pederson
LaMonte Wade Jr. Note
LaMonte Wade Jr. photo 102. LaMonte Wade Jr.
Austin Slater Note
Austin Slater photo 118. Austin Slater
Heliot Ramos Note
Heliot Ramos photo 226. Heliot Ramos
Taylor Jones Note
Taylor Jones photo 268. Taylor Jones
Austin Dean Note
Austin Dean photo 294. Austin Dean