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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
J.D. Martinez Note
J.D. Martinez photo 16. J.D. Martinez DH,RF
Rafael Devers Note
Rafael Devers photo 19. Rafael Devers 3B
Xander Bogaerts Note
Xander Bogaerts photo 28. Xander Bogaerts SS
Bogaerts had an outstanding 2019 season, obliterating his career-high in home runs and RBI and getting his batting average back over .300. But the thing is, his underlying metrics don't look all that different from his solid but unspectacular 2018 season. His strikeout rate, hard hit percentage, average exit velocity, and launch angle all remained nearly identical, while his steals (only four) continued to trend down to a now useless level from a fantasy perspective. Bogaerts is still a fine option but at a strong position and now batting in a weaker lineup, be careful not to waste too high a pick on him.
22 weeks ago
Andrew Benintendi Note
Andrew Benintendi photo 98. Andrew Benintendi LF
Eduardo Rodriguez Note
Eduardo Rodriguez photo 129. Eduardo Rodriguez SP
Rodriguez has tested positive for COVID-19, and Ron Roenicke has admitted that it's unlikely the Red Sox will have him ready for Opening Day. He's reportedly asymptomatic, however, which hopefully means he'll be able to have two positive tests and return to the team sometime after the first few days.
16 weeks ago
Alex Verdugo Note
Alex Verdugo photo 179. Alex Verdugo CF,LF,RF
Verdugo finally got regular playing time last year, and turned it into a .294/.342/.475 season with 12 home runs in 106 games. Now ready to bat atop the Red Sox lineup, Verdugo should easily challenge a .300 batting average in Fenway Park. but with a reported stress fracture in his back and Opening Day looking doubtful, don't push Verdugo too far up your draft board.
22 weeks ago
Christian Vazquez Note
Christian Vazquez photo 275. Christian Vazquez C
Michael Chavis Note
Michael Chavis photo 293. Michael Chavis 1B,2B
Nathan Eovaldi Note
Nathan Eovaldi photo 295. Nathan Eovaldi SP
Matt Barnes Note
Matt Barnes photo 358. Matt Barnes RP
Jose Peraza Note
Jose Peraza photo 372. Jose Peraza 2B,LF,SS
Nick Pivetta Note
Nick Pivetta photo 492. Nick Pivetta SP,RP
Martin Perez Note
Martin Perez photo 531. Martin Perez SP
Marcus Walden Note
Marcus Walden photo 582. Marcus Walden RP
Darwinzon Hernandez Note
Darwinzon Hernandez photo 605. Darwinzon Hernandez RP
Josh Taylor Note
Josh Taylor photo 633. Josh Taylor RP
Ryan Brasier Note
Ryan Brasier photo 650. Ryan Brasier RP
Matt Hall Note
Matt Hall photo 694. Matt Hall RP
Ryan Weber Note
Ryan Weber photo 740. Ryan Weber RP
Kyle Hart Note
Kyle Hart photo 756. Kyle Hart SP
Jeffrey Springs Note
Jeffrey Springs photo 783. Jeffrey Springs RP
Kevin Plawecki Note
Kevin Plawecki photo 801. Kevin Plawecki C
Bobby Dalbec Note
Bobby Dalbec photo 803. Bobby Dalbec 1B,3B
Triston Casas Note
Triston Casas photo 818. Triston Casas 1B
Austin Brice Note
Austin Brice photo 845. Austin Brice RP
Colten Brewer Note
Colten Brewer photo 947. Colten Brewer RP
Robert Stock Note
Robert Stock photo 1025. Robert Stock RP
Tanner Houck Note
Tanner Houck photo 1059. Tanner Houck SP
Phillips Valdez Note
Phillips Valdez photo 1067. Phillips Valdez RP
Christian Arroyo Note
Christian Arroyo photo 1080. Christian Arroyo 2B,3B
Dylan Covey Note
Dylan Covey photo 1082. Dylan Covey SP
Jonathan Arauz Note
Jonathan Arauz photo 1085. Jonathan Arauz 2B,3B,SS
Tzu-Wei Lin Note
Tzu-Wei Lin photo 1087. Tzu-Wei Lin 2B
Chris Mazza Note
Chris Mazza photo 1144. Chris Mazza RP
Trevor Hildenberger Note
Trevor Hildenberger photo 1250. Trevor Hildenberger RP
Deivy Grullon Note
Deivy Grullon photo 1290. Deivy Grullon C
Juan Centeno Note
Juan Centeno photo 1345. Juan Centeno C
C.J. Chatham Note
C.J. Chatham photo 1399. C.J. Chatham SS
Josh Ockimey Note
Josh Ockimey photo 1409. Josh Ockimey 1B
Marcus Wilson Note
Marcus Wilson photo 1433. Marcus Wilson CF
Jett Bandy Note
Jett Bandy photo 1489. Jett Bandy C
Cesar Puello Note
Cesar Puello photo 1502. Cesar Puello CF
Dustin Pedroia Note
Dustin Pedroia photo 1503. Dustin Pedroia 2B
Yairo Munoz Note
Yairo Munoz photo 1512. Yairo Munoz 3B,LF,RF
Jeter Downs Note
Jeter Downs photo 1519. Jeter Downs SS