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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Jose Ramirez Note
Jose Ramirez photo 13. Jose Ramirez 3B
Jose Ramirez turned in another stellar season in 2023, hitting 24 home runs and stealing 28 bases while slashing .282/.356/.475. His other counting stats took a hit due to a subpar lineup around him. He only knocked in 80 and scored 87 across 156 games. Ramirez will be in his age-31 season, typically a time when stolen bases begin to slow down, but his superb batting skills will continue to have high fantasy value. If Cleveland does not improve the lineup around him, he is a first-round talent in a later-round situation that will leave fantasy managers wanting more.
8 weeks ago
Emmanuel Clase Note
Emmanuel Clase photo 60. Emmanuel Clase RP
Emmanuel Clase led all of baseball with 44 saves, and he did so with a 7.93 K/9. His secret is a GB% of 56.6, which is in the 93rd percentile. His ERA, however, took a precipitous jump from 1.36 to 3.22. If you're planning to use an early-round draft pick on a closer, there are three Tier 1 guys before Clase, who seems a bit more of a risk in 2024.
8 weeks ago
Andres Gimenez Note
Andres Gimenez photo 99. Andres Gimenez 2B
Tanner Bibee Note
Tanner Bibee photo 103. Tanner Bibee SP
Tanner Bibee arrived in the majors in 2023 and produced an impressive 2.98 ERA with a promising 3.13 K/BB rate. There is a lot to like about Bibee, though it would be prudent to expect an uptick in ERA (FIP of 3.52, xFIP of 4.22) in 2024. One of the best things about him is that his ADP is in the SP "dead zone" around 107. He can serve as an SP3, though he's probably better considered an SP4 heading into drafts.
8 weeks ago
Josh Naylor Note
Josh Naylor photo 110. Josh Naylor 1B
Josh Naylor suffers from BatsInTheGuardiansLineupitis, but he offers enough upside to nab as a second or third corner infielder in the middle rounds. Naylor dealt with injuries in 2023, limiting him to 121 games. However, he hit 17 home runs and drove in 97 while slashing .308/.354/.489. He also kicked in 10 stolen bases for good measure. As long as he continues to bat behind Jose Ramirez, he should be a boon to the RBI category, but it's his 95th percentile xBA (.293) and K% (13.7) that makes him a valuable pick.
8 weeks ago
Shane Bieber Note
Shane Bieber photo 122. Shane Bieber SP
Steven Kwan Note
Steven Kwan photo 177. Steven Kwan LF
Steven Kwan's biggest strength is his refusal to strike out. He is projected to strike out fewer than 70 times in over 600 plate appearances. His ability to hit for average, steal around 20 bases, and his third-highest BB/K ratio in all of baseball will boost your counting stats, even in the underwhelming Guardians lineup. His ADP of 168 provides a stable floor as an OF4 in five-outfielder leagues.
8 weeks ago
Gavin Williams Note
Gavin Williams photo 208. Gavin Williams SP
Triston McKenzie Note
Triston McKenzie photo 216. Triston McKenzie SP
Bo Naylor Note
Bo Naylor photo 223. Bo Naylor C
Logan Allen Note
Logan Allen photo 321. Logan Allen SP
Kyle Manzardo Note
Kyle Manzardo photo 347. Kyle Manzardo 1B
Ramon Laureano Note
Ramon Laureano photo 359. Ramon Laureano CF,RF
Scott Barlow Note
Scott Barlow photo 424. Scott Barlow RP
Chase DeLauter Note
Chase DeLauter photo 470. Chase DeLauter OF
Brayan Rocchio Note
Brayan Rocchio photo 507. Brayan Rocchio SS
Will Brennan Note
Will Brennan photo 558. Will Brennan LF,CF,RF
Carlos Carrasco Note
Carlos Carrasco photo 572. Carlos Carrasco SP
James Karinchak Note
James Karinchak photo 603. James Karinchak RP
Trevor Stephan Note
Trevor Stephan photo 631. Trevor Stephan RP
Sam Hentges Note
Sam Hentges photo 633. Sam Hentges RP
Estevan Florial Note
Estevan Florial photo 653. Estevan Florial LF,CF,RF
Nick Sandlin Note
Nick Sandlin photo 662. Nick Sandlin RP
Eli Morgan Note
Eli Morgan photo 708. Eli Morgan RP
Tyler Freeman Note
Tyler Freeman photo 750. Tyler Freeman 2B,3B,SS,CF
Tim Herrin Note
Tim Herrin photo 752. Tim Herrin RP
Cade Smith Note
Cade Smith photo 815. Cade Smith RP
Gabriel Arias Note
Gabriel Arias photo 823. Gabriel Arias 1B,3B,SS,RF
Myles Straw Note
Myles Straw photo 846. Myles Straw CF
Will Dion Note
Will Dion photo 888. Will Dion SP
Nic Enright Note
Nic Enright photo 910. Nic Enright RP
Joey Cantillo Note
Joey Cantillo photo 928. Joey Cantillo SP
Anthony Gose Note
Anthony Gose photo 937. Anthony Gose RP
Peter Strzelecki Note
Peter Strzelecki photo 962. Peter Strzelecki RP
David Fry Note
David Fry photo 1037. David Fry C,1B,RF
Austin Hedges Note
Austin Hedges photo 1061. Austin Hedges C
Pedro Avila Note
Pedro Avila photo 1094. Pedro Avila SP,RP
Wes Parsons Note
Wes Parsons photo 1104. Wes Parsons SP
Jack Leftwich Note
Jack Leftwich photo 1122. Jack Leftwich
Zak Kent Note
Zak Kent photo 1144. Zak Kent SP
Juan Brito Note
Juan Brito photo 1158. Juan Brito 2B,3B,SS
Erik Sabrowski Note
Erik Sabrowski photo 1178. Erik Sabrowski
Ben Lively Note
Ben Lively photo 1180. Ben Lively SP,RP
Darren McCaughan Note
Darren McCaughan photo 1206. Darren McCaughan RP
Xzavion Curry Note
Xzavion Curry photo 1211. Xzavion Curry SP,RP
Tanner Burns Note
Tanner Burns photo 1290. Tanner Burns SP
Jaime Barria Note
Jaime Barria photo 1388. Jaime Barria SP,RP
Hunter Gaddis Note
Hunter Gaddis photo 1459. Hunter Gaddis SP,RP
Adam Oller Note
Adam Oller photo 1496. Adam Oller SP,RP
Richard Palacios Note
Richard Palacios photo 1509. Richard Palacios
Tyler Beede Note
Tyler Beede photo 1513. Tyler Beede RP
George Valera Note
George Valera photo 1659. George Valera RF
Angel Martinez Note
Angel Martinez photo 1661. Angel Martinez 2B,3B,SS
Jhonkensy Noel Note
Jhonkensy Noel photo 1675. Jhonkensy Noel 1B,3B,OF
Jose Tena Note
Jose Tena photo 1691. Jose Tena
Johnathan Rodriguez Note
Johnathan Rodriguez photo 1694. Johnathan Rodriguez OF
Daniel Schneemann Note
Daniel Schneemann photo 1723. Daniel Schneemann