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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Michael Conforto Note
Michael Conforto photo 214. Michael Conforto RF
It appears as of now that Conforto guessed wrong when he turned down a long-term offer from the Mets and the qualifying offer, as he finds himself in an awkward limbo without a team well into the spring. There's obvious potential with Conforto, who hit at least 27 home runs for three straight seasons, gets on base at an above-average clip, and is just entering his age-29 season. But as we saw with Kris Bryant, it's hard to properly assess a player's fantasy value until we know his landing spot and, in Conforto's case, when he's going to sign.In a vacuum, however, Conforto can be a third or fourth outfielder for your fantasy team, someone who is capable of contributing in all five categories, though likely not excelling at any. Until he signs, you should drop him a good 10 spots from where you would otherwise have him, but he's not going to sit out the entire season, so don't let him fall too far in drafts.
8 weeks ago
Richard Rodriguez Note
Richard Rodriguez photo 447. Richard Rodriguez RP
Greg Holland Note
Greg Holland photo 540. Greg Holland RP
Trevor Rosenthal Note
Trevor Rosenthal photo 547. Trevor Rosenthal RP
Jose Urena Note
Jose Urena photo 610. Jose Urena SP
Austin Adams Note
Austin Adams photo 617. Austin Adams RP
Michael Taylor Note
Michael Taylor photo 628. Michael Taylor LF
Tony Watson Note
Tony Watson photo 638. Tony Watson RP
Kwang Hyun Kim Note
Kwang Hyun Kim photo 692. Kwang Hyun Kim SP
Jose Marmolejos Note
Jose Marmolejos photo 704. Jose Marmolejos 1B
Eric Thames Note
Eric Thames photo 729. Eric Thames 1B
Javy Guerra Note
Javy Guerra photo 743. Javy Guerra RP
J.A. Happ Note
J.A. Happ photo 794. J.A. Happ SP
Brian O'Grady Note
Brian O'Grady photo 802. Brian O'Grady RF
Homer Bailey Note
Homer Bailey photo 807. Homer Bailey SP
Oliver Drake Note
Oliver Drake photo 817. Oliver Drake RP
Adam Morgan Note
Adam Morgan photo 820. Adam Morgan RP
Chaz Roe Note
Chaz Roe photo 823. Chaz Roe RP
Kyle McGowin Note
Kyle McGowin photo 844. Kyle McGowin RP
John Gant Note
John Gant photo 850. John Gant SP,RP
Wilson Ramos Note
Wilson Ramos photo 853. Wilson Ramos C
Jesse Hahn Note
Jesse Hahn photo 860. Jesse Hahn RP
Adam Eaton Note
Adam Eaton photo 868. Adam Eaton RF
Masahiro Tanaka Note
Masahiro Tanaka photo 869. Masahiro Tanaka SP
Mike Leake Note
Mike Leake photo 870. Mike Leake SP
Andrew Cashner Note
Andrew Cashner photo 879. Andrew Cashner SP
Jason Vargas Note
Jason Vargas photo 881. Jason Vargas SP
Jerry Sands Note
Jerry Sands photo 883. Jerry Sands LF
Rick Porcello Note
Rick Porcello photo 887. Rick Porcello SP
Ivan Nova Note
Ivan Nova photo 898. Ivan Nova SP
Aaron Brooks Note
Aaron Brooks photo 907. Aaron Brooks
Andrew Miller Note
Andrew Miller photo 922. Andrew Miller RP
Cole Hamels Note
Cole Hamels photo 938. Cole Hamels SP
Brandon Kintzler Note
Brandon Kintzler photo 957. Brandon Kintzler RP
Ryne Harper Note
Ryne Harper photo 964. Ryne Harper RP
Sean Nolin Note
Sean Nolin photo 979. Sean Nolin SP
Carlos Martinez Note
Carlos Martinez photo 982. Carlos Martinez SP
Scott Kazmir Note
Scott Kazmir photo 986. Scott Kazmir SP
Mike Foltynewicz Note
Mike Foltynewicz photo 993. Mike Foltynewicz SP
Oliver Perez Note
Oliver Perez photo 1004. Oliver Perez RP
Carlos Martinez Note
Carlos Martinez photo 1008. Carlos Martinez C
Josh Tomlin Note
Josh Tomlin photo 1010. Josh Tomlin RP
Matt Shoemaker Note
Matt Shoemaker photo 1013. Matt Shoemaker SP
Wade LeBlanc Note
Wade LeBlanc photo 1015. Wade LeBlanc SP
Brett Gardner Note
Brett Gardner photo 1018. Brett Gardner CF,LF
Kyle Zimmer Note
Kyle Zimmer photo 1020. Kyle Zimmer RP
Edgar Santana Note
Edgar Santana photo 1025. Edgar Santana RP
Ervin Santana Note
Ervin Santana photo 1037. Ervin Santana RP
Brett Anderson Note
Brett Anderson photo 1062. Brett Anderson SP
Mitch Moreland Note
Mitch Moreland photo 1068. Mitch Moreland DH
Charlie Barnes Note
Charlie Barnes photo 1079. Charlie Barnes SP
Jake Arrieta Note
Jake Arrieta photo 1080. Jake Arrieta SP
Cody Ponce Note
Cody Ponce photo 1083. Cody Ponce RP
Mike Fiers Note
Mike Fiers photo 1092. Mike Fiers SP
Justin Miller Note
Justin Miller photo 1100. Justin Miller RP
Hunter Wood Note
Hunter Wood photo 1122. Hunter Wood RP
Dexter Fowler Note
Dexter Fowler photo 1130. Dexter Fowler RF
DJ Johnson Note
DJ Johnson photo 1134. DJ Johnson RP
Neftali Feliz Note
Neftali Feliz photo 1143. Neftali Feliz RP
Drew Butera Note
Drew Butera photo 1144. Drew Butera C
Asdrubal Cabrera Note
Asdrubal Cabrera photo 1149. Asdrubal Cabrera 3B
Rex Brothers Note
Rex Brothers photo 1163. Rex Brothers RP
Jose Lobaton Note
Jose Lobaton photo 1167. Jose Lobaton C
Preston Guilmet Note
Preston Guilmet photo 1172. Preston Guilmet RP
Starlin Castro Note
Starlin Castro photo 1180. Starlin Castro 3B
Danny Santana Note
Danny Santana photo 1189. Danny Santana CF
Ryan Buchter Note
Ryan Buchter photo 1200. Ryan Buchter RP
Collin Theroux Note
Collin Theroux photo 1208. Collin Theroux C
Khris Davis Note
Khris Davis photo 1214. Khris Davis DH
Konner Wade Note
Konner Wade photo 1219. Konner Wade RP
Kyle Keller Note
Kyle Keller photo 1224. Kyle Keller RP
Travis Shaw Note
Travis Shaw photo 1228. Travis Shaw 1B,3B
Jarrod Dyson Note
Jarrod Dyson photo 1238. Jarrod Dyson CF,LF,RF
Colin Rea Note
Colin Rea photo 1239. Colin Rea RP
Brian Goodwin Note
Brian Goodwin photo 1241. Brian Goodwin CF,RF
Taylor Williams Note
Taylor Williams photo 1244. Taylor Williams RP
Gabriel Ynoa Note
Gabriel Ynoa photo 1250. Gabriel Ynoa RP
Tyler Webb Note
Tyler Webb photo 1252. Tyler Webb RP
Julio Teheran Note
Julio Teheran photo 1253. Julio Teheran SP
Cam Hill Note
Cam Hill photo 1259. Cam Hill RP
Ryan Mason Note
Ryan Mason photo 1266. Ryan Mason RP
John Axford Note
John Axford photo 1275. John Axford RP
Josh Reddick Note
Josh Reddick photo 1276. Josh Reddick RF
Matt Carpenter Note
Matt Carpenter photo 1292. Matt Carpenter 2B
Nick Vincent Note
Nick Vincent photo 1293. Nick Vincent RP
Joe Panik Note
Joe Panik photo 1297. Joe Panik 2B,3B
Brock Holt Note
Brock Holt photo 1298. Brock Holt 3B
Matt Joyce Note
Matt Joyce photo 1315. Matt Joyce RF
Aaron Altherr Note
Aaron Altherr photo 1324. Aaron Altherr CF
Ian Desmond Note
Ian Desmond photo 1329. Ian Desmond CF
Ronald Torreyes Note
Ronald Torreyes photo 1336. Ronald Torreyes 3B,SS
Henderson Alvarez III Note
Henderson Alvarez III photo 1340. Henderson Alvarez III SP
Renato Nunez Note
Renato Nunez photo 1348. Renato Nunez 1B
Luis Madero Note
Luis Madero photo 1351. Luis Madero RP
Jordy Mercer Note
Jordy Mercer photo 1354. Jordy Mercer 2B
Eric Yardley Note
Eric Yardley photo 1356. Eric Yardley RP
Drew Anderson Note
Drew Anderson photo 1368. Drew Anderson RP
Roel Ramirez Note
Roel Ramirez photo 1381. Roel Ramirez RP
Wilmer Difo Note
Wilmer Difo photo 1386. Wilmer Difo 2B
Jake Petricka Note
Jake Petricka photo 1393. Jake Petricka RP
Eric Sogard Note
Eric Sogard photo 1399. Eric Sogard 2B
Hector Santiago Note
Hector Santiago photo 1417. Hector Santiago RP
DJ Peters Note
DJ Peters photo 1432. DJ Peters CF,LF
Justin Smoak Note
Justin Smoak photo 1441. Justin Smoak 1B
Ryan McBroom Note
Ryan McBroom photo 1442. Ryan McBroom DH
AJ Ramos Note
AJ Ramos photo 1454. AJ Ramos RP
James Hoyt Note
James Hoyt photo 1467. James Hoyt RP
Jose Rondon Note
Jose Rondon photo 1472. Jose Rondon RF
Edgar Garcia Note
Edgar Garcia photo 1490. Edgar Garcia RP
Gregory Polanco Note
Gregory Polanco photo 1495. Gregory Polanco RF
Nick Martini Note
Nick Martini photo 1502. Nick Martini LF
Gerardo Parra Note
Gerardo Parra photo 1504. Gerardo Parra LF
Tanner Anderson Note
Tanner Anderson photo 1505. Tanner Anderson RP
Dustin Fowler Note
Dustin Fowler photo 1507. Dustin Fowler CF
Rusney Castillo Note
Rusney Castillo photo 1508. Rusney Castillo LF
Brandon Workman Note
Brandon Workman photo 1517. Brandon Workman RP
Buddy Baumann Note
Buddy Baumann photo 1524. Buddy Baumann RP
Junior Guerra Note
Junior Guerra photo 1532. Junior Guerra RP
Mike Tauchman Note
Mike Tauchman photo 1535. Mike Tauchman LF
Max Moroff Note
Max Moroff photo 1544. Max Moroff 2B
Rio Ruiz Note
Rio Ruiz photo 1546. Rio Ruiz 2B
Jedd Gyorko Note
Jedd Gyorko photo 1548. Jedd Gyorko 1B
Tanner Roark Note
Tanner Roark photo 1551. Tanner Roark RP
Todd Frazier Note
Todd Frazier photo 1563. Todd Frazier 1B
Matt Duffy Note
Matt Duffy photo 1564. Matt Duffy 3B
Anderson Tejeda Note
Anderson Tejeda photo 1567. Anderson Tejeda
Yolbert Sanchez Note
Yolbert Sanchez photo 1577. Yolbert Sanchez 2B
Pete Kozma Note
Pete Kozma photo 1588. Pete Kozma SS
Guillermo Quiroz Note
Guillermo Quiroz photo 1593. Guillermo Quiroz C
D.J. Stewart Note
D.J. Stewart photo 1606. D.J. Stewart 1B
Harold Ramirez Note
Harold Ramirez photo 1608. Harold Ramirez
Chan Ho Park Note
Chan Ho Park photo 1609. Chan Ho Park RP
Adam Eaton Note
Adam Eaton photo 1611. Adam Eaton
Alex Avila Note
Alex Avila photo 1620. Alex Avila C
Jose Briceno Note
Jose Briceno photo 1621. Jose Briceno C
Buddy Reed Note
Buddy Reed photo 1632. Buddy Reed CF
Joe Benson Note
Joe Benson photo 1633. Joe Benson LF
Freddy Galvis Note
Freddy Galvis photo 1634. Freddy Galvis SS
Lane Adams Note
Lane Adams photo 1636. Lane Adams RF
Patrick Kivlehan Note
Patrick Kivlehan photo 1639. Patrick Kivlehan RF
Terrance Gore Note
Terrance Gore photo 1641. Terrance Gore CF
Joe McCarthy Note
Joe McCarthy photo 1646. Joe McCarthy LF
Jordan Zimmerman Note
Jordan Zimmerman photo 1648. Jordan Zimmerman 3B
Justin Williams Note
Justin Williams photo 1649. Justin Williams
Deven Marrero Note
Deven Marrero photo 1651. Deven Marrero SS
Yoenis Cespedes Note
Yoenis Cespedes photo 1652. Yoenis Cespedes LF
Tyler Ladendorf Note
Tyler Ladendorf photo 1655. Tyler Ladendorf SS
Tzu-Wei Lin Note
Tzu-Wei Lin photo 1656. Tzu-Wei Lin LF